Reborn Rich (2022) Episode 1

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30 Comments to “Reborn Rich (2022) Episode 1

  1. Omg!!! I was getting kind of bored tho i started this drama only for joon ki but after 1 hour i got goosebumps!!! Wooowww… I’m speechless ?‍? and jin young i never he’ll be like that!!!

    1. I literally said to myself i was like this seems a lot like youngest son of a conglomerate which is fire btw then i noticed the name soonyang and was like holy shit it is

  2. Now he’s about to take revenge. I thought the female lawyer would be loyal to male lead and will be good but nah “plot twist” everywhere…

    1. nope there are clips the kid grows up and has joongki’s face and his past life’s soul he tries to overtake the company as revenge

  3. who tf makes chairman’s right hand fix bathroom lmao if this was otherwise and a villain they would give power and all

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