Reborn Rich (2022) Episode 6

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31 Comments to “Reborn Rich (2022) Episode 6

  1. “A day will come when the world goes crazy over Koeean songs, movies and dramas” I really don’t know if I should feel offended hehehehe lmfao

  2. Omg!!! What a drama!! I’m gonna say 2022’s drama hits different!! Soo many twist and twist…..then?
    Btw song joong ki’s acting and the grandfathers acting is just? and son in low’s acting i lkie that too…he acted funny and strong both!! Woww
    But not gonna lie that they sould’ve take another fl instead of that actress… I donno but i’m more Interested in do jun and his cousin’s wife’s(forgot her name) chemistry ☺️?…. Anyways lets enjoy ???

  3. I am sorry but the hyungsung’s owner’s daughter is equally irritating to me.?She is just overly main lead greedy and attention seeker(she is just using her beauty to get do jun),in that case i want the main lead to get along with do jun,do jun should give a little more attention to her but in last recap do jun is deliberately getting attached with the hyungsung owners daughter(maybe he has plan).But the main lead is also not showing much chemistry(they should have taken another F lead).Still i want the main lead to be the main lead(Maybe i am seeing myself in her lol?‍♀️

  4. The cliffhanger has me so tight I can’t wait to see the next episode and the trailer for the next episode has me so hyped.

  5. “There is a day when people will go crazy over Korean songs, movies, and dramas” – Do Jun’s extremely true words in the world right now!

  6. Is it just me or does Do Jun have more chemistry with Mo Hyeon Min (Hyungsung Daily’s owner’s daughter) than the main girl?

  7. What i hate the most in this episode is that shameless lady who confessed her feelings to Do yun. She’s so annoying to the point that i need to skip all her scene she doesn’t look good on Do yun i swear they don’t have any chemistry! ?

    1. yea their “romance” has no corelation with the main plot it would better to see him with the lady his brother trying to get marry with

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