Reborn Rich (2022) Episode 7

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9 Comments to “Reborn Rich (2022) Episode 7

  1. Omg!! What is grandma talking ’bout? Youn ki isn’t their own son? Then do jun also isn’t their own grandson!! Or what? Did i read wrong? ?‍??‍?

  2. Ugh, please please please don’t lose focus now! Things have been going very well until now, with a fast-pace and thrilling plot. They better not lose steam because they want to focus on the romance. I know there has to be a romantic subplot because this is a k-drama after all, but the business and family intrigue needs to be on the forefront. Nobody’s watching this drama for the romance, the grandfather- grandson relationship is much more interesting.

  3. I really love the actor for the grandfather. I want more moments with Jin Do-joon and the grandfather, happy moments, not as dramatic. I really loved that in the manwha. Everytime I watched this drama, it feels like the story goes slow but the ep goes by so fast ;-;.

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