Reborn Rich (2022) Episode 8

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29 Comments to “Reborn Rich (2022) Episode 8

  1. The movie had a strong start but now the action is more on discussions, assumptions, arguments… I hope it becomes more intriguing as it was before.

  2. Actually I felt bad for the grandpa. He did his best just to make his family great but I got betrayed by his own grandson which he used to have high expectations

  3. YOOOOOO Aunt is boutta get fucked in that stock market and Do Jun finna eat good when he owns soonyangs department stores

  4. Whoa, that was a plot twist I didn’t see coming: The grandmother is not an exasperated yet sweet woman but a pragmatic and shrewed matriarch ? So the forth son is actually illegitimate, no wonder he left the family then. He knew he wasn’t getting anything good in terms of assets or positions in the conglomerate and without inside support he would be the first to get stabbed most likely. So he left in his own terms and he was flying under the radar before “his son” attracted attention. Too bad for grandfather, he seems like the only careful Jin offspring. Everyone else is an impulsive idiot. What gets me is that the eldest son seems like a decent father, obviously not perfect but certainly not mean or abusive towards his son. But his son obviously despised him and was even counting down the days until his father died. I know the eldest grandson is an imbecile, however that seems a little too extra, even for his whine a**. I wonder if there’s another mystery there…

  5. great episode. i would like to see more of the grandfather and do jun moments though. they’re the only intriguing characters along with his music pursuing brother imo.

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