Revenge of Others (2022) Episode 6

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42 Comments to “Revenge of Others (2022) Episode 6

  1. Istg I hate the cop lady. First, she doesn’t look into important cases like wonseoks death and goes around messing with shitty cases of rich people. Secondly, that just makes the main leads life hell, poor guy has brain tumor and I’m sure if she’s so smart she can figure that out since she’s dating his doctor . Literally no wonder she moved down. Like so much unnecessity. She needs to learn to mind her own business if she cant help and make it worse. Shes so nosy.

  2. Park wonseok has to be the father of the “ex gfs” baby. Because he “died” 3 months ago. The ex gf said she’s 12 weeks pregnant. 12 weeks=3 months. Also he told ok chanmi the day he died that he had something important to tell her…

  3. all these theories and watch it be a suicide and the guy with the black hood and red shoelace was just trying to hold onto him and stop him from falling or smth

  4. Wonseok likes Jaebum.They both love eachother may be gay . Jaebum mother didn’t like Wonseok cause he is gay and makes her son as him saw so She deci6to kill Wonseok,She told Onsung to Wonseok.He aggred cause he likes Jaebum as well so He killed Wonseok.Wonseok knew already he is going to die So ,He called his last video call to see his sister.

  5. I Suspect Osung .May be he is the killer.Wonseok and jaebum get closed. Osung get jealous cause he likes Jaebum.And he started Manipulate wonseok blackmailing by saying he is adopted. And may be one day Wonseok knew that Osung and that bitch girl mom dad lived together they are step Siblings .Wonseok deined to do bad things what Osung says. Osung And Wonseok Fight with eachother.Onsung decided to kill Wonseok. He pushed him, Jaebum saw that and Onsung tries to make him Unconscious,by hitting something.And may be he is worried because if he suddenly remember everything than what will going to happen him.

    ( Why I don’t know but I am Suspecting Jaebum mother’s also cause jaebum said to Osung that What his mother said to him he did .)

  6. I think the reveal of Jaebum “killing” Woonseok is too sudden and too soon, also, the plot showed that Jaebum lost his memories which made us instantly have a hint that he “killed” Woonseok to distract us from the actual killer, so I kind of have doubts on Jaebum being the culprit

  7. One thing is sure : this drama is playing with our minds : so much good different theories…
    I trust nobody, even Sejin with HIS version of the story.
    Good drama so far can’t wait for next week !

  8. They mentioned Wonseok died 3months ago and Jaebum had accident 6months ago, so it’s not possible Jaebum tried to suicide after killing Wonseok. But possible is he might kill Wonseok and not remember doing so, something like he ended in the stadium without remembering. Or may be Osung killed Wonseok, out of jealous that Wonseok and Jaebum become closer then him. He even mentioned in Ep6, “is this time Soo Heon”.

  9. So I am coming with my theory too.
    This might be far fetched but listen.
    What if Osung knew that Woonseok was adopted and that, that was the information that he used to control Woonseok with, but then Woonseok got to know that Osung was in the family with Jihyun.
    I think that Jaebom or Osung could be the killer based on different grounds. Osung seems to know way to much. Also considering that he was warning Jaebom that the picture might end up hurting his life more than he thinks. I feel like he is telling the audience that if the police looks into him then they will probably find something very interesting. So Jaebom might be the killer. But there is something that is bothering me about Osung the fact that he controlled Woonseom and then got controlled by Woonseok and then thinking back to him being overly emotional when Chanmi mentioned Wooseok to him the first time. Something is not right about that.

  10. Jaebum was bullied too by the bully and Soo min. Woonseok saved him by fighting with the bully and later he started acting as a bully but in a positive way like he would bully those who bullied others. So jaebum and woonseok became good friends and osung knew this all. Maybe Soo min and the bully killed woonseok as he was growing powerful more than them. And Soo mins father removed all the evidence to save his daughter. Osung know this too and trying to find evidence. After woonseok died, jaebum was bullied again so he tried to commit suicide. Jaebum and osung can be innocent too

  11. Jaebum killed woonseok then he tried to commit suicide. Osung knew all of this and he is also trying to find evidence as everything has been removed maybe by his step father. Step father did it to save jaebum and his daughter maybe. Soo min is also connected with the bully in this murder. Maybe……. that’s what I think

  12. I feel like jaebum killed woonseok then he tried to commit suicide maybe because he felt guilty and that’s why he is still traumatized. And osung knows everything like why they starting bulling and jaebum ended up doing something like that. Or it could be osung is the killer and he is manipulating jaebum. He killed woonseok then he tried to kill jaebum too but failed. Maybe because he has hidden reason to take revenge.

  13. SPOILER !!!!! Just a theory !!!!

    Do not read this before finishing this episode !!!!
    Sorry for my bad English btw

    So I have a silly theory. I am probably definitely wrong, so don’t blame me if I’m going too far on this :
    Before his death, woonseok wanted to tell his sister something on the phone : maybe AND probably not he wanted to reveal the fact that he was gay and that he lied about his fake girlfriend, who was a perfect alibi. He might had a special relationship with Jaebum and maybe this was the reason he was killed. I think Osung knew this as well and threatened woonseok with it, plus he was jealous by the attention Jaebum traited woonseok. Then perhaps woonseok discovered that Osung loved his “sister” or something like that to reverse the situation ? I’m not sure about that and it seems too easy for now to think that Osung might be the killer. The thing is maybe Wooseok was killed by all of these facts and somehow Jaebum did know this and that’s why he tried to kill himself.

    It’s just a silly theory, no hate but I’m pretty excited to see what will happened next. I think Sejin had a particular role too, to say nothing about the male lead. Everyone is suspect it’s disturbing.

      1. or Osung liked Woonseok, but Jaebom liked Osung. Osung liking Woonseok makes a reason as to why Osung got so emotional when Chanmi brought up Woonseok to Osung for the first time. Jaebom liking Osung and then hearing about the rumors of Somi being pregnant and that Woonseok wouldn’t clean up the mess made Jaebom kill Woonseok but Jaebom lost that part of his memory because he couldn’t believe what he did.
        Just my theories please no hate 🙂

    1. I can see your thought process but i think that Osung found out about Woonseok being adopted and then Wooseok found out about Osungs feelings towards Jaebom. Then Jaebom killed Woonseok, then Jaebom is so traumetized or he couldn’t believe he did that so his mind forgot about it. and Osung is cleaning it up Jaeboms mess

      my theory is that Osung killed and Sejin was the accomplice. Sejin liked Wonseok and Wonseok liked Jaebeom but Osung liked Jaeboom aswell but since Wonseok and Ousung both liked Jaeboom and Sejin liked Wonseok Osung and Sejin decided to form an alliance to separate the two but Sejin didn’t know exactly what Osung was going to do so when Wonseok died he was taken aback a bit. And also in ep 6 Osung said “so it Ji Sooheon now” and then in the next episode we see Sejin say that he suspects Sooheon as Wonseok’s killer but he didn’t tell Chanmi this when he first met her the other day so I think that Osung told Sejin to tell Chanmi that Sooheon was the killer coz Osung knows the real reason why Chanmi transferred and if she knew that Sooheon was the killer she would punish/kill Sooheon which meant Sooheon and Jaebeom wouldn’t hang out anymore, therefore, Osung had Jaebeom to himself. I think Osung was getting rid of the people who Jaebeom became close to because he liked him. I also think it’s possible that Wonseok liked Jaebeom because we found out that Ajung wasn’t really his girlfriend and I think he used her as an alibi to cover up the fact he was gay and he would occasionally go to the cafe where Sejin worked at maybe coz he felt comfortable with Sejin knowing that they were both gay and Sejin developed feelings for Wonseok but knew he liked Jaebeom and couldn’t bear the pain so he and Osung joined forces. I also think that Sejin’s story was kinda vague and lacked proper credibility because he said he left Immediately after he saw Wonseok on the ground but at the same time he said he saw Sooheon so I think Osung told him to say that.

    3. omg this makes perfect sense since wonseok stood up for that cafe worker (idk the name) becoz he had two dads and he wanted to stand up for him

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