Revenge of Others (2022) Episode 7

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20 Comments to “Revenge of Others (2022) Episode 7

  1. all this evidence that its gi oh-seong but watch it somehow not be him at the end.. kdrama always put some weird ass plot twists


    Yeah, of course Jae Beom jumped off the building ! So did Woonseok, huh ? What a convenient method !

    They try to make Osung the killer so obviously that I think he isn’t the one, but he’s involved for sure. He may have the phone, but in the other hand he called with it when she was trying to kill Su Heon, so…

    I think i’m starting to suspect the pregnant girl. Something is wrong with her “innocent” attitude. The father is obviously not the idol star, it feels like the meeting was staged. We din’t see his face on purpose when she kissed him, the night when Osung threatened WoonSeok. It’s defintely someone we know and his identity is a big key to the plot somehow. I may have a thory but not enough proof. Yet.

    Anyway I’ll wait a littlebefore watching the next episode cause the long awaiting is killing me

    1. you have a good point. Also Ajung is 12 weeks pregnant 12 weeks=3 months. Park wonseok died 3 months ago. Isn’t that a coincidence. On that day he said he had to tell ok chanmi something maybe that was it? I don’t know what to add up from here though

      1. It could be a possibility. But she saw woo Seok and Osung fighting when she was kissing her boyfriend, the mysterious father. In her version of the story.
        Maybe woo Seok wanted to reveal his sister he was gay or something like that, I think the pregnant girl as his girlfriend was a cover up. And I begin to see differently this fight between the two boys… time will tell

        1. yes but then again what if she made up that story. Because she acts too innocent. I mean she was apart of the 3 bullies that attacked im somi alongside the gay parents boy(sorry can’t remember his name) both her and that boy didn’t tell ok chanmi about this and still didn’t tell anyone that Gi osung “ordered” them to do that. Wouldn’t that be a good clue to his death? My theory is, Gi osung, the gay parents boy and Ajung had a role in his death. I just can’t quite figure out what jaebum had to do with it.Because where were they all when he died? That boy was filming, there was only one person who pushed him. And Ajung where was she in this time? There is definitely more than 1 person involved.

          Okay after writhing that all I just realised it had nothing to do with my first comment? but I’m still gonna leave this up because in my opinion it’s a good theory

  3. I downloaded it twice and saw there was no subtitles while they’ve said that this is already subtitled, if this is not real pain then idk what is! I hate watching this online cause they be lagging a lot and too much ad????

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