Revolutionary Sisters (2021) Episode 26

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One Comment to “Revolutionary Sisters (2021) Episode 26”

  1. Woo-hooo, Yeah! The old adulteress died! Funny how in all other aspects, she was the better person. Yet the spoiled brat wife realized her error, felt ashamed, and changed. We could forgive her and root for her remarriage. But the mistress (who never repented, never admitted her wrong (getting a married man drunk to sleep with her then using the baby to break up his marriage). But even if she repented…it’s too late. Wrecking a marriage is NEVER forgivable. She got exactly what she deserved!

    The attorney’s mother questioned why he had bad luck with wives. Let’s enlighten her. Men marry women like their mothers. Therefore with her as the “model,” he’s doomed to marry witches.

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