Rookie Cops (2022)


About an honor’s freshman, Wi Seung Hyun, starting out at the Korean national Police University. He admires his father, who is the commissioner of the Gyeonggi Dongbu Police Agency. He sets out on following in his father’s footsteps but runs into hurdles as he gets involved with a woman named Go Eun Gang. The story will revolve around young adults born in the 2000 making their way through college life in their own unapologetic ways at one of the most conservative universities in Korea. The youth of Korea and how they grow alongside their dreams, love, and difficulties at a police university. The struggles to stand out within a 2,000 student campus, one of the most conservative and exclusive campuses in the nation, will be told through the drama.

Also known as: 너와 나의 경찰학교 Neowa Naui Gyeongchalhaggyo Our Police Class Police Class of Mine and Yours


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Air Date: Dec 31, 2021

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31 Comments to “Rookie Cops (2022)

  1. nice drama..been watching it and some other kdramas..downloading it for keeps and i hope they put a button where you can download all the episodes in one file instead of clicking one at a time..just a optional suggestion..
    thanks a lot by the way..
    keep up the great work..

  2. I don’t want Kang Daniel to die in this series, and I hope he doesn’t die from the bottom of my heart

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