Rugal (2020) Episode 1

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15 Comments to “Rugal (2020) Episode 1

  1. very long time wait this channel, but it also haven’t tp their movie. errorrr….always errorrrrrrrrrrr..I dont know what happen to it.

  2. just 1 episodes make me so damn excited to watch till the end I love the actor who is blind (sorry forget the name) he is macho I love watching his drama

  3. This drama is getting me hooked right from the first episode… It contains sci-fi, crime, thriller wash what more can i ask for. . love it love it love it…

  4. A wonderful fascinating drama ♥️ As expected CHOI JIN HYUK OPPA never fail to amuse me ❤️ Keep up the good work everyone. Fighting !

  5. Woooooh !!! A most wonderful fascinating new KDRAMA ! wahhhhhh !! As expected, he never to amuse me. Keep up the good work. Oppa and Unniie ❤️ FIGHTING !

    1. South Korea isn’t under lockdown like the rest of the world. They acted swiftly as soon as the news broke about China and covid19. They placed travel restrictions faster than any other country and went straight into full testing mode. That’s what happens when a country learns well from past mistakes, both theirs and other countries. Singapore also has not had to shut down completely. Hopefully, if this happens again (lets pray it doesn’t), the rest of the world will take it seriously and follow their examples. Travelling around the world is so easily accessible and is relatively cheap to do so epidemics/pandemics will spread across the world faster than it use to. Countries should all make it more difficult for people to get in and out of their countries.

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