Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace


The sequel to the popular Chinese drama “Legend of Zhen Huan”. Set in Qing Dynasty, the story continues in the next generation and tells about the life of Ruyi, who overcomes all her challenges and eventually becomes the Empress.

Also known as:Legend of Ruyi , 如懿傳 Ru Yi Zhuan


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Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace trailer

4 Comments to “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace

  1. Finished it. Made me ball my eyes OUT !!! If anyone has been in a relationship before with someone they really loved and then having to endure CHANGES, and the person you once knew is no longer the same. However, its hard to let go, even though youve been hurt over and over again. This is thing story. Cinematography 10/10. Most intense but beautiful scene for me was when she cut her hair. For me, that was her breaking point where she really meant to cut ties because FINALLY she had had enough. Costumes were a delight. Script was fine. ..loved learning abt the Chinese culture, traditions, protocal, information etc. That was rich. But such a touching story. Mad props to the acting of the Emperor and Empress !!!!❤🔥 Very effective and overall, great story. 10/10 for me 🙌🏾💋

  2. Still watching this. ..and as a non Chinese, this drama is beautiful. The aesthetics, culture, protocol, history, traditions. is honestly beautiful. It goes to show how very little the Western world is exposed to Chinese culture and history. Seen 60 episodes so far. ..and themes are common in Western civilizations where Royal families rule (i.e, Love, betrayal, murder etc) but the beauty of this one is that it reflects centuries and centuries of culture and practices. .that have shaped and defined China and its people. Wish now I learnt Chinese history but stories, such as this one, gives us a sneak peek of how it used to be. Amazing. TY for the upload and will update when I reach the end ..❤

  3. This drama raise the bar so high I feel sorry for any drama I would watch in the future. A bit slow paced but you will actually feel like you’re traveling to the past. You know, there were so many palace drama with characters that behave too casual for royal etiquette that supposed to be strict. The settings, costumes, rites, are outstandingly close to how it supposed to be during Qianlong Manchurian era. And the acting. We all know Zhou Xun are goddess. But honestly the most wonderful thing is every single side characters did great job.

    In conclusion, this is the drama you should watch in this lifetime.

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