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144 Comments to “Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 1

  1. People going apeshit is so funny to me. You all must not know your own home because that looked pretty realistuc to me. Tbh I was more offended because of the channel ad in the first 5 minutes.

  2. Ghurl Lee Sung Kyung is in here, one of my fave Korean actress. Idk but she deserves better. She’s a great actress but they really included her in a K-Drama that will cause chaos like this. They could just excluded the Africa part and change it into something that would not create chaos. There are really problems with Korean song and drama writers, and producers. #FreeLeeSungKyung

  3. I hope they actually came to Africa and did not gather random black people and go to a village that looks like it would be African for that scene…

  4. First of all y’all white motherfuckers must keep ur mouth shut bc I feel that it is very offensive to us black people that everyone in the whole world underastimates us. and it is pathetic to see you guys say it ain’t racist. the fact that every time white people talk about africa and always think of it as a poor, dirty and bad place is very stupid bc other places r the same as africa and I will not be put to embarassment by a drama just bc I am black. this racism about africa should come to an end. if y’all wanna talk about a bad country or something talk about the places where black people r shamed and judge.

  5. I am so sick and tired of Africans being brought into the mix every time something happens. Truth is there is some truth in how it is portrayed what they showed wasn’t false. Africa is a whole continent and any African who will take offense to this is being unrealistic. Because i will tell you fr a fact that there is places in Kenya like that that doesn’t mean its the only place. i love my country and that scene was relevant to their show. i don’t care what YOU SAY BUT STOP BRINGING RACISM INT EVERYTHING.WE DON’T FUCKING CARE KNOW WHY COZ IT TAKES NOTHING AWAY FROM ME HOW A FUCKING CONTINENT IS PORTRAYED IN A DAMN MOVIE.So sit down and shut up all you wannabe activists. If you care so much about our continent do something about it, donate to charities and help the poor but also don’t forget you have poor people in your respective countries so please solve your issues before coming to beat your mouth spewing nonsense about an otherwise good series.

  6. im glad they used my langiuage (bemba) which is a tribe found in a country called zambia but why in their right minds made them think africa is one big country?why couldnt they say he has gone to zambia in africa ?this is shallow and backwardness this is why these people be thinking africa is one country full of struggling kids and its not ! just like any other country we have struggling kids stop selling this fake narrative of africa >.. …. do better script writters!!!!!!!

  7. Water is not an issue in Africa. And realistically those young kids wouldn’t under the korean language should have spoken to them in english

  8. Are these people dumb africa is a continent plus we have everything there water my ass🤣 please watch young famous Africans you might have a glimpse of africa and these animals running in our backyard i hate to break it to you i have never seen wild animal even though i live there make it make sense go back to school asians


  10. I get ppl feel hurt that its always Africa but bro its not always africa so stop saying that. there so many other ppl whoo go through worse but no1 cares since they dont get any attention. For example Ukraine got invaded they got attention but what abt palestine they got nothing just cos they r muslim. SO STOP SAYING ITS ALWAYS AFRICA WHEN ITS NOT AND IF U CARE THAT MUCH REPORT IT WHATEVER BUT DONT SAY THINGS THAT R WRONG AND LET PPL ENJOY THIS DRAMA

  11. WHY IS THE CIRCLE OF LIFE THE FIRST THING THEY PLAY- NAH THIS IS… who wrote this actually. what the f*ck…

    1. i swearrr. got rlly turned off at the aspect of African props for making someone look good and the whole lion king music aspect. so annoying.

  12. The beginning of the first episode is very rude and annoying. Africa is not a country and water is definitely not a problem here. I’m Nigerian btw 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

      1. Ya, that but not everywhere, there in Nigeria we don’t have issues with water. there.
        Foreigner has not issue with that either for what i know.

    1. No it is not annoying,There are different countries in Africa that have water problems just because Nigeria doesn’t have water problems it doesn’t mean other countries in Africa don’t and I am also Nigerian.

    2. No it is not annoying,There are different countries in Africa that have water problems just because Nigeria doesn’t have water problems it doesn’t mean other countries in Africa don’t and I am also Nigerian.

  13. Do these people realise, that Africa does not need water, we have more than enough? And the beginning is just annoying, what are they trying to depict here?

    1. What are you saying, literally so many countries in Africa don’t have enough water, with 1 in 3 Africans facing water scarcity and approximately 400 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lacking access to basic drinking water. So saying “we have more than enough” is kinda offensive to some people in Africa who don’t have access to it.

  14. Koreans are really trying to push the Asian saviour syndrome a little too hard, the white saviour syndrome is already enough. And the people defending this behaviour are literally part of the problem 😒😒😒 stop infantanilizing a bunch of racists. Google is free . Imagine not even knowing Africa is a continent in 2022. 🚮🚮🚮🚮 .

  15. It’s the giraffes and meerkats in our backyard stereotype ✨again✨

    The white saviour complex honestly grinds my bones. It’s 2022. Do better. Or at least name one of the 54 countries.

  16. what the FUCK is up with that beginning? so uhh are they not willing to clarify which country of the 54 countries of the continent are they “digging a well” in? so just africa? also here’s a huge fuck you to whoever chose the lion king song! ugh what a turn off.

    1. Good thing I am African– South African to be precise! Because yes, Africa is not just one country.

  17. ya’ll the africa thing is not racist, i know that africa is more than that but they don’t HAVE to mention it there are infact people in africa who struggle with water and its for them it wasnt directed to all of africa, yeah other countries have water problems too but they just chose to include africa so does it really matter? ya’ll are overthinking this

    1. You are sick in the head for this comment , “people in Africa that don’t have water ?” What about the people in Europe , Asia , other countries from other continents that died everyday from starvation! Why must Africa always be used as an example ?! Countries in Africa are developed ! People there aren’t starving ! And they have more than enough water ! Africa was degraded in the worst way and you say y’all are overthinking ? Nonsense clown

      1. bro you dumb? why are you making a fuss over something so small, they were trying to show support for africa you should be proud of that. what they showed about africa is true a lot of countries in africa suffer from water shortage, and plus all movies and tvshows portray africa like this, calm down and relax it aint a big deal you just want trouble bro.

        1. Do not demean other people’s concerns. As people of colour don’t you think we need to be sensitive to what other people might feel about a certain thing. We criticise white people for certain portrayal which means other people of colour should know it isn’t an okay thing to emulate. Because other people are doing certain things does not make it right. I am Nigerian as well as African. Indians also have poor areas, why didn’t he go volunteer there. Also even if they wanted to use volunteerism, why not say “He went to a country in Africa”, why not even put the town and the country in the subtitle so people can be aware of the place that has no water. As people who experience all form of rasicm everyday, we shouldn’t go on tv, especially from Korean series we have come to love so much and as co-people of colours and experience this. It leaves a very sour taste in my mouth and I hate it. I hate it so much that we can be reduced to giraffes, no-water, goats in 2022. I mean we are winning grammys and Nobel Prizes. We are exceling in different areas and some of us are working so hard to ensure our different COUNTRIES in AFRICA(A CONTINENT) gets better. Isn’t it time the whole World stop the distasteful stereotype too. You might not see it or feel that way because you haven’t been used over and over but it is horrible and it isn’t a good feeling. And using that Lion King song – Was terribly horrifying to hear it.

          1. Girl, you spoke facts. These people in the comment section, are so ignorant it hurts, wanna defend this so bad.

          2. Thanks for this comment you said it all but they honestly won’t understand, it’s was not nice to see how we Africans were portrayed, I’m a Nigerian and we have Everything intact ,but even at that there are some areas here that ain’t 💯 developed
            And it is like that all around the world not just Africa ,so please be specific

    2. Honestly, my biggest problem with the Africa thing is why did they say, Africa??? It’s such a big continent and they make it seem like just a country struggling with water issues but Africa is so much more than that. There are developed countries in Africa, they should have just said the name of an African country. This is why there are so many stereotypes about Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Listen Suzy, if people are sick of having the continent, they live in portrayed like this than they have every right to be mad, don’t you dare tell someone what they can be mad at. Your point was so ignorant, like you point out things but you don’t realize how dumb you sound in response. We are tired of hearing africa refered to as one just very poor country where all kids need water and food, they are places in africa that are thriving right now that don’t get any attention. The problem is that you said why should it matter, it matters because we want an accurate representation of africa in the media which we deserve, if your going to have a show go to africa make it a specific country where children are actually starving. The fact that people treat going to africa in itself as such a noble and powerful thing to do is wrong and perfomative. If you cant see that your ignorant

    4. @suzy Do you even know what you are talking about? Get your facts straight before you say just anything. One thing Africa definitely does not need is water! We have more than enough!

    5. Madam, guess it would sound logical if we say something like ”going to ASIA to defeat corona virus”, Asians will definitely be triggered by that line and want to exclude themselves by voicing out how distasteful such derogatory words and actions is like. A lot of we 3RD world countries are sincerely doing well for ourselves, stop being closeminded just because you are not the one wearing the heels, Suzy rest in JESUS name aunty defender of busybody. Tufiakwa

  18. im judging every one of you who said its racist- LMAOOO as if american movies/dramas dont put africa even worse than this in their eps…. and even in every drama (american) they put the black ppl as the bad ones or the ones that get killed first– tf u gotta say bout that then? nothing ofc breh stupid ppl everywhere istg- this dude went and helped the ppl there and said something that is FACT in africa they got water problems and the water aint clean…. he didnt say something racist at all lol

    1. Just because America is racist doesnt mean that they have to be racist as well. just because America is ignorant doesnt mean they have to as well. Stop making it a standard. It’s no excuse to potray Africa the way they did.

    2. Yh that’s not true i ave live in an African country and d water over here is seriously alright. And dont categorize things to africans the truth about dis shit is that both Africans and Asians face racism in America. So i dont get why we are racist towards each other. I just feel that if Africa and Asia come together we will dominate the d world😊

    3. Are you serious right now??? It’s not a FACT. The way some people picture Africa is so bad. There are people in Africa that are richer than some people in the US, South Korea or wherever you come from. You can’t just talk about something when you are not certain of. YES! Africa DOES HAVE CLEAN WATER! AND STOP PICTURING AFRICA WITH ALL THESE ANIMALS RUNNING AROUND AND PEOPLE LIVING IN HUTS. GOSH!

    4. Honey it is rasict. Do you put your hand in fire because your friend does it? It is 2022 and it is very ignorant of the producer. I love Korean series/movies so much I’m learning Hangul. Isn’t it also right to know a bit about a whole CONTINENT you want to use in a movie? Why would you judge us? I am Nigerian as well as African, I detest a lot of American Movies that portray us that way and as Koreans (also people of colour) don’t you think the producer should have been a little bit more sensitive. Don’t call us stupid, my feelings are valid, especially if it something that has to do with me. That scene could have been written in so many better ways. What? Lion king music and giraffes Lmao! Do we have giraffes in Nigeria, roaming about? We need to be culturally aware. Korea is a country that is one of the biggest SDG Chmapions and in 2022, a producer still accept that type of scene in a series. I am so disappointed, hurt and angry and they are my feelings. Don’t subject how I feel to how you want to make me feel. AFRICA is a CONTINENT and Korea is a country whose people also get rasict treatment from white people, I think they should understand how we feel. There are places all over the world with water problem, do they even know one of the reasons why we have water problem?

      Please I believe we can be better in addressing situations. Your comment comes off as being priviledged

    5. Its you dumb ass’s fault for believing we don’t say something and get angry about that to, you think were jus gonna stay silent when korea does it hell no. Take your ignorance somewhere else and grow up, defending korea so hard and for what. it’s a bad representation for africa, period.

    6. You just want to give an excuse for what the writers and producers did , which it’s honestly sad to read from you
      This 2022 we should do our part to make every one and every continent equal, so just because the (American shows )portray Africans ,that doesn’t give Koreans or any other country to do same
      It’s just so wrong

  19. idk what y’all are so pissed about i actually live in Africa AND WE DO HAVE WATER PROBLEMS HERE so don’t say its racist just bc u dont experience it bc most of us here do 😒

    1. You’re literally part of the problem , mention the country you are from and stop generalising Africa. 😐😐😐

    2. it is because you are unimaginably poor unfortunately for you and your family, that is why you face water problem in whatever African country you chose to bury your had in pauper.

  20. What in the …..not the…”NOW YOU CAN HAVE CLEAN WATER” he said it like he was providing the water 😶😶😶I am so done with Korean…I 🤬

    1. LMAO HE DIDNT SAY IT IN A RACIST WAY TF U BAKA- HE MEANT THE WATER THERE IS DIRTY which is a back since they got water problems and they helped them get clean water for their health so YOU HATER chill your nibbiez down lol and dont skip school too breh you’re so done with korean DRAMAZ ic then dont watch any- da foq

  21. OH WOOOOOW I’m glad the guy went to 57 different countries and found water there as if we need more charity work. And peep how its always the Non-Black or non-Africans in this comment section saying what is happening is a “good thing” he’s doing charity work. there’s poverty stricken countries elsewhere stop using Africa to feed your poverty porn and do something productive, idk focus on yourself. Its always the ignorant mense

      1. The point is that Africa is not a country. Its a continent made up of 54 countries. Stop saying Africa and start saying the countries. Its like saying i went to Asia. Where in Asia? Asia has countries the same way we have countires in Africa too. Dont bring your ignorance here.

      2. This is so sad, and pitiful!! Do you even what you are arguing against, ma’am? you don’t even get the issue in the first place. Let me help you understand, so that you may bring your shitty argument in.
        the problem, you are ignorant of Africa being a continent of 54 countries, not a single country.
        or maybe, you also need to check you dictionary for the meaning of continent, cause, it is evident that your Geography lessons in school didn’t do better, or your DNA, have that dominating gene of dumbness.
        Also, Africa as a continent, is far more that animals, dirty water, grass huts.
        I think if you really consider yourself educated and civilized, you need to broaden your vision on how you see things, cause i don’t understand how on such team of production no one was good enough to remind them to state the country which is portrayed in this drama
        btwy, I am in one country of East Africa, we do have a lot of beautiful people, places, thousands hills and animal, we also have water, good water for drinking, swimming and other stuffs. Admitting that there are some geographical parts that still need drinkable water, but get this right I am not generalizing, a small ration of those, to a bigger picture.
        please get your facts right! otherwise, you will keep shaming yourselves, your education, your country even all the mankind. I have no issue with volunteerism, if done with a kind heart.

  22. Honestly, I understand helping Africa as the 2 ND POOREST CONTINENT, as some of you have stated, but does it have to be the water thing ALLLL the time. Trust me, we have water plus those kids look way to clean to not have water. At least make it so that they were building a shelter for homeless people, you definitely have homeless people in your RICH continents, or constructing roads, or treating sick people, i don’t know if RICH continents have sicknesses. Also they weren’t in the least trying to communicate to the people, speaking korean the entire time, and the lion king song? *sigh*

    1. The lion king song!!! so cringe. Water is literally the least of our concerns. To them, Africa is just a promotion gig to boost one’s brand.

    2. Thisssssss
      Immediately I saw the Africa scene I was like uggghhhh not this again

      Honestly, its played out. Build homeless shelters or give the new malaria vaccine even, whatever really
      But in 2022, drilling wells in “Africa” is not a thing, yes, there are places without clean drinking water but really that whole narrative just didn’t sit well with me.

      1. And they need to stop acting like Africa is the only struggling place in the world. And WE HAVE 54 COUNTRIES. its not just one big one. The least they could do is name one country

      1. Africa is poor but you need to stop acting like that is all we are. And stop acting like Africa is only one country yet we have 54 countries.

  23. After white saviour , it’s asiat saviour syndrome . Really ! We are in 2022 , there is a lot of information on internet to know that the African continent doesn’t need outside aid . Africans just need to move their asses and go to work !!!!

    I don’t like the image they show about the continent . There are a lot of cities in those countries who are really modern , the drama just decides to show the bad side !!!!

    #misery promotion 2.0

  24. Why is the people complaining about the Kdrama showing poor people in Africa? The protagonist is doing CHARITY ofc is not going to appear helping people from a rich neighborhood lmao

    Also everyone gets angry when Koreans refer to Africa as if it was a country but when Americans say Mexico is all South America or talk about Europe like a country no one complains.

      1. Lmao because Europe is out of all 7 continents the 3rd richest so the chances of someone desperately needing charity and money are also less. Africa is the 2nd poorest after Antarctica so it’s only logical that the chances of people there needing help are higher.

      2. Stupid question. Europe is out of the 7 continents the 3rd richest so the chances of people desperately needing help are less. While Africa is after the Antarctica the 2nd poorest which logically means there are more people that need charity.

    1. You’re missing the point. How can an individual possibly hold a charity for 54 different countries? Why are charities, jungles, and poverty always associated with Africa as a whole? Their portrayal of Africa, a whole ass continent, cannot be justified. Period.

        1. I’m sorry but how do you know?

          This is a bit ignorant my friend.
          What of India?
          Why not use even a poor part of Korea.
          I think the scene is very very insensitive and please do not demean people’s feelings. Nobody says we aren’t poor but isn’t that narrative too old already.

          And the water and the song! My goshhhhhhhhhh
          It is 2022
          Mention the name of the country, mention the town, do your research. What the producer did is wrong. And it leaves a very distasteful feeling in my mouth.
          Coming from a country who also experience rascism? Mad o!

    2. Are you serious with this your comment?? Are there not poor people in Korea? Can’t they do the volunteer work there? Does Korea have only wealthy people.. it’s your audacity for me

    3. what are you even saying. why don’t they keep the same energy for other continents. why do they treat africa like a charity case that needs a savior. when it’s about europe they go there to study, but then when it comes to Africa all of a sudden it’s volunteering. and then for your information there are a lot of countries that also need that volunteering so they can go ahead and pick one rather than placing a label of stereotype to a whole continent.

        1. @ Daria, I haven’t watched the drama. I just started to read the comments. But you should definitely visit ‘Africa” and I mean any country in Africa. Yes, the gap between the poor and the rich is huge. But that’s not all Africa has to offer. There are many cities and places that are actually beautiful and not ‘poor’. We are not ignorant that so many places are yet to develop but the narrative that Africa is a ‘charity’ case is bad. That’s what we are against.

    4. your last paragraph is screaming “all lives matter”. That is not the issue at hand and nobody here is saying that that is ok. This first episode has shown gross appropriation by taking the most stereotypical material and placing it on a platform. If you want to involve a certain place/culture at least do research instead of plastering the lion King and addressing the place as one when Africa has many countries to begin with. And the charity is just a display of white saviorism adopted by the K drama. Don’t tell people their concerns aren’t valid, do better.

  25. for those that saying they hate it because of black stereotypes, please think positive instead of negativity. the guy went on his volunteer work in Africa so ofcorse they will shown the people he had helped. SO you’re saying its ok for holiwood celebrities to be in africa than koreans. Its a voluteer work, not a stereotypes scene. Don’t hate instead, spread love and support.

    1. No my dear MAT. This is wrong. It is so wrong on so many levels. The hell! I even thought it wasn’t so bad when I read the comments before watching but it is so so so so so wrong on so many levels. I had to call my sister to be sure I wasn’t overeacting. It is INSENSITIVE and they just let me know that they are cuturally unaware. The producer of this series is annoying. I mean I get that he went to a town in a country in Africa (THE CONTINENT) to do volunteer work but why not say that “He went to a country in Africa”. And bless my soul; Lion King, girraffes, goats! Are we kidding me! in 2022!! It is bad taste. We criticise the West when they appropriate so we must do the same to People of Colour who experience some of what we experience as black people. We cannot be taking this same shit from white people and also take it from other people of colour who experience the same shit. It is stereotypical. It is wrong and My feelings as a Nigerian is valid. This is wrong on so many levels. I am horrified.

    2. I’m late but I’ll like to drop a comment. It’s funny how they make excuses because they are Koreans, white people do it does not mean it’s okay for a country that has experienced racism to do the same, that’s very dumb. I’m tired of seeing people trying to educate some blockheaded people that Africa is a continent not a country, this is 2022 please and a country with one of the fastest internet in the world should not have problems with at least 5 minutes research, their lack of efforts is appalling. Also, we are not denying the fact that there might be water problems in some parts of some countries in Africa but there are rich and poor people all over the world so next time maybe they should pick a country from Asia that also suffers water problems, even some places in Korea there. We are tired of this narrative and you all should stop trying to invalidate people’s feelings cos they have every right to be angry. And what’s up with ‘second well of life in Africa?’ Are they saying there are only 2 wells in the whole of Africa?

  26. I like the chemistry. You can see it in the last scene. But ik this drama is gonna be fun and i am ready for it luv LSK✨♥️ shes my fav

  27. ngl im sick whole black people stereotype in kdramas rn ? first penthouse saying were thugs – Military Doberman also saying were criminals and now this ? Portraying that black people or The whole of Africa is poor? the whole we dont have water there stereotypes disgusts me- yes there’s poor people but there’s wealthy people and neighborhoods too but nope they dont wanna show that part of African countries.ugh.

    1. For real they don’t even say the name of the country it’s just Africa like it’s not a whole continent It doesn’t even bother me that much anymore I’m just like whatever let’s just enjoy the show

    2. i prefer to laugh at this scene 😅. Many people think that Africa is a country in 2022 , it’s sad so I prefer to not take it seriously .

    3. It’s quite appalling tbh. They portray Africa as a jungle. The whole ‘Lion King’ soundtrack made me cringe honestly. You don’t hear people saying they’re doing a charity in Asia or Europe. This is a continent of 54 independent nations ffs.

  28. Thank you so much to whoever does English subs for this drama! They are up only a few hours about its launch in Korea! Yous are amazing, we love you!! <3

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