Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 13

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14 Comments to “Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 13

  1. Wtffffffff penthouse casttttt woahhhhh. I didn’t see that coming lolll! Anyways I feel so bad for tae sung he’s going thru alot.

  2. that scene with cast of Penthouse and background music from it is awesome
    good choice, directors and screenwriters

  3. Like for real I expect that . The bar owner will be Tae song hater but why it’s not even like that Yeon woo didn’t die cuz of him but the shocking thing is Tae song knows it from the beginning ohh I feel bad for him …..

  4. now I see it I remember abt those idols/actors who lost their life cuz of the pressure they had to go through….but the sad fact it still going as much as then or maybe more than before makes me feels like whoaa~ humans are so… scary and shitty, all are selfish… just talking the parts they want and destroying others, the fact they don’t even wanna know what type of person they are but just-
    spreading hates… until they became a star in the sky?! beyond the fact they are famous they are also humans right? can’t they fell in love, can’t they have happiness, can’t they have emotions like any other human? there may bad among them but still u can’t toy with the feelings of people like some kind of joke…. when u don’t know what happened there

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