Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 4

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47 Comments to “Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 4

  1. I’m the only one corncerned by Ms Oh salary, like she works 24/24 and 7/7 and she only earns 3,400,000 won !!!!! it’s like 2,700 usd dollars !!!!!!! and she occupy a manager position!!!??? no waaaayy

    1. This just made me have a realisation. My mum works as a teacher and her salary is only $1000. I thought it was quite a basic and normal salary but now when I read this it made me realise its not????

    1. ssenunni jessi 1. I was super intrigued as well …this song is a bomb 2. after listening to it thrice I came down looking for comments regarding this

  2. i can already feel the sls. i liked jungshin so much in cinderella and the four knights and this is my first time seeing him again since then, my heart can’t take this

  3. i wanna see how it turn around who will the lead girl pick the lawyer or the actor (sorry forgot their names)

    1. I think it wil be the main lead since that in every serie only not love alarm but lets forget that

    1. Nevermind he made his feelings known already guess I should watch the whole episode before commenting

  4. Dear YoungJedi thank you a lot :3

    it might be obvious but I really like the cast and the story of this drama

  5. I was going to say this on the third episode bit didn’t so here it is, I’m starting to ship the restaurant dude and the scouting manger with the short hair. They make a good pair for some reason.

    1. yessss me too maybe im wrong but when he agreed to become an actor i felt like he got a small one sided crush on her.
      also his roommate and yuna maybe im blind but i think they will get together

  6. Woah the main leads of be my boyfriend lee shi woo and shin hyeon seung.! This drama give bubbly vibez and i just love it . All the supporting characters are amazing and I love it so much 💖. I am a big fan of lee sung kyung since weightlifting fairy Kim bok jo damn😂. I wasn’t really a fan of young dae since penthouse but in this drama his acting is really impressive. I am starting to like him too😁😅. That scene of oh han byeol literally gave me second hand embarrassment 😂😂😭. But then gong tae sung handled it so well that it almost make my heart flutter 😂♥️ im loving this drama so far

    1. you do realise the people that translate these episodes also have to watch the video to be able to translate it for the viewers, it takes time to go through and translate each and ever phrase, so its not even possible for them to translate the episodes as fast as you want it to be translated if it bothers you so so much just go ahead and learn Korean or watch it on a different website don’t be so stingy about it

    2. if you want the translated version, go the site, a day after the episode was aired. It takes time for people to translate it and embeed the translation in the video.

    1. because shooting stars is 별똥별 but 똥 means sh*t/poop so it’s a creative play of words, they left it to our imagination sjsjs

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