Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 6

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63 Comments to “Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 6

  1. OMG this drama getting into my nerves that made me awake until 1am…Dynamite from BTS is here too.. Supper fun drama.. The actors are great pretty and handsome and cool. Looking forward for the next episode.

  2. This drama is getting better now lol .can’t wait for next episode!! More excitement coming and also I now understand why they were worried when they saw the article about that actress at the beginning of the show. I wonder the story between him and that actress he dated.

  3. I already knew that she loved him ! After watching the half of this ep i understand it. But i think he didn’t really dated. maybe he had his reason. But i am having that gut feelin becz we all can see how much he is obsessed with oh hanbyul .

  4. NO CAUSE NO WHHYYYY DOES HE HAVE A GF?!?!!?!? like what in the world he was throwing so many hints that he likes her and just ofc has to get a girlfriend the minute she actually starts to like him UGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  5. Try watching the new episode after some hours and reload the site. I tried watching in the morning but it wasn’t working so i left later at night i checked again and it is perfectly fine. Love the new episode!!!

  6. It’s not working though it’s not loading I wait for 2hours if it’s works but it didn’t worst server ever

  7. I had the same issue I’ve been watching episode by setting it on stream SB and it’s working on that I would recommend you too to watch it on by setting it on stream SB cuz standard server sucks and it’s freaking annoying 🙌🙆

  8. it’s annoying that every minute its stops.


  9. Help the video is not working well. It also a minute to start playing again. Hope you can fix this so that we can enjoy watching. Thank you!

  10. This is so annoying, hanging on every program across Dramacool 🙄, please fix it!!! The other servers are also not available 😑

  11. Why is this episode as shit for me I can even watch 4min without it stopping + I have good connection quality I hate that so much

  12. she is so good at hiding her feelings brooo the second lead is pretty cute too i dont wanna see him be the next han seojun

    1. try mo kayang isearch ost nitong drama na’to tapos isa isahin mo nalang hindi yung kami yung piniperwisyo mo

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