Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 7

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44 Comments to “Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 7

  1. This is why I’ll be single forever: When I guy tells me something like ” it’s looks more beautiful because you’re here” I end up getting butterflies but I end up saying ” That’s cheesy af”

  2. I enjoyed this episode so much, it was 😂 and every scene was on point…I know Ho young likes Yu sung but I’m shipping her with that newbie she recruited. I feel like they really match😍

  3. Am I the only one who realized the woman who cooks for Gong tae su is kind of weird? I feel like she is related to his friend that died. And I think she is cooking the food salty on purpose.

    1. I agree , there is something definitely off about her and it seems like she is taking revenge for something that happened.

  4. The male lead is so cute the way he keeps on trying to tell her he likes her everything about today’s episode was so 🔥

  5. Be patient. It takes a lot of time to put subs (I do it) and it takes a lot of work and time. And you’re here watching something for free. Chill, you don’t even pay these people be happy they even do it.

  6. Honestly lam proud its my first time seeing Kdrama showing Africa. Also for the water problems that’s true particularly in Zimbabwe water issues is a problem thankyou for showing such a kind gesture through your drama.

    1. 😭😭you like how they are demeaning your continent ??? That scene was so wrong what about the filter they used and them limiting Africa as a country and the lion king song ??
      Why do I feel like you’re a white person acting as a black person if you’re truly black you should be ashamed of yourself

  7. i watched all the eps toady nd i cant wait for more eps now. I regret starting this while its ongoing so much😭😭

    1. The people doing subs have to translate every single piece of subs correctly, sometimes even having to do short research for certain words. Not to forget that all subtitlers are not native or fluent in Korean, which means that sometimes they have to also learn something new. On top of that, subtitlers have to time all the subtitles. They have to pick the exact moment when a sentence starts and when it ends. If they don’t do that correctly and exactly, the subtitles become messy. And at the end of it all, they have to rewatch and correct their mistakes before releasing subs. Dramacool subtitlers are actually quite fast, as usually, subtitlers can even spend one-day making translations. Not to forget that subtitlers have a personal life too, and to my knowledge dramacools subtitlers do subtitles with no pay, and if there’s a pay then it’s probably less than minimum wage. I used to do subs for Viki Rakuten, and it was basically volunteer work.

  8. It’s annoying because they always give subtitles for this drama late and someone please explain how it takes more than 5 hours to add subtitles???

    1. the episode is an hour long. translating every sentence correctly takes hours. go watch something else or try translating it urself. stop complaining.

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