Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 9

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41 Comments to “Sh**ting Stars (2022) Episode 9

    1. I swear same here it is lagging i am still waiting i can’t even download it today as usuall what the issue can somone tell m how to fix it

  1. They’re one of the most cutest and adorable couple in the history of Kdrama! wow I had to pause to breathe at some point😩😂❤️..and I can’t wait to know what’s the deal with that lady pretending to be a house help.😒

  2. I feel like mr.Do and the reporter friend maybe could end up together. I called the two small actors dating. Also right when they started dating everything bad is going to happen I’m so scared for the next episode. 🫣😣

  3. This ep wss sooo😳😳 literally so many butterflies! I can’t handle thst much. Damn they sre so freaking cute the way get shy ahhh! I also scream silently when oh hanbyul screams. Lmao thoses scene were so funny ha my stomach 😂. And wtf 😒 that maid who is she really? She’s so mysterious and i am curious. Anyways my two fav ship are sailing in this ep. I hope they’ll give more screentime for “be my boyfriend”couple! I feel bad for that gimbap guyz he’s so handsome and his damn voice🥵😵 why ha young doesn’t like him! He’s better than yu sang .

  4. Guys, if you are so impatient use this time to learn Korean. We should be grateful that someone is taking their time to provide the subtitles for free. Translating is not an easy job. Not only that, but synchronizing subtitles with the sound takes some time, so please appreciate translators more.

  5. same this is actually taking so long – other dramas which aired after like tomorrow are already subbed – please release the translations soon and thank you for your hard work >.<

    1. Be grateful it’s not easy to put subtitles learn Korean so you can understand it it’s hard to translate so be grateful they are doing it for you.

        1. You guys can watch on different dramacool website. I already watch the whole ep on different websites. You just have to scroll down and you’ll see the links

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