Sh**ting Stars (2022)


“Shooting stars” tells stories of people working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Oh Han Byul (Lee Sung Kyung) is the PR manager of an entertainment agency with excellent response to crisis situations. She instinctively knows what wording can arouse the interest of the public. With her sparkling eyes and trustworthy voice, actors and managers come to her with their problems.

Gong Tae Sung ( Kim Young Dae ), the top star of Star Force Entertainment, is an actor who remains a legend in Korean drama history, a top-notch celebrity who hasn’t been seen in a scandal in over a decade. However, behind his polite exterior, he hides an unexpected personality.

Airs from 04/22/2022 on Fridays and Saturdays at 22:40

Also known as: 별똥별 Byeolddongbyeol Byeolttongbyeol/ Star Fall/ Shooting Stars


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Apr 22, 2022

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Starring: , , , , , , , ,

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294 Comments to “Sh**ting Stars (2022)

  1. It’s really a good movie but k dramas have become too predictable for once l would love to see the other guy win the girl

  2. The language spoken in here is actually from my country am quit impressed lol… I think ill continue watching I was intrigued by the comments… But come on guys we don’t hear people call racism when the Americans make their movies in a broken down part of Africa… All places in the world have such areas we also have well infrastructured places too. Did people really expect a philanthropist to go to an urban town in Africa to do charity? That would have made the movie unrealistic. Let’s relax am African and impressed that Koreans even put in the effort to learn bemba. Thank you for the recognition korea❤️ k drama fun for life! 😁 Fighting!

    1. This is the comment I ve been looking for! I’m also African ! I saw nothing wrong with the scene for real!

  3. I miss this kdrama soo much :/ I miss those fridays and Saturdays I hope we get a s2 (but it won’t really make sense hahah)

  4. No one should spoil this drama for me , I love 💕it and there’s nothing racist about it so stop with the Africa nonsense am from Africa and you don’t see me complaining , whoever said they showed a lot of clips from Africa it was only in one episode so please stop over exaggerating .


  5. I promise no one in these comments has common sense. NO ONE WAS TRYING TO BE RACIST ON THE SHOW SO EVERYONE SHUT YOUR MOUTH?!

    1. LMFAO IKR, this its like a fucking mess about racism that theyre just gonna talk about, they all probably stopped watching right away about how racist it is, bro theres like nothing wrong abt it? just use ur fucking braincells people for the love of god , i bet this has 200+ comments over all the kdramas comments out there LMAO

    1. This was a good drama and as an African I understand that there are some areas where UNICEF and other NGOs go to help especially there is an economic crisis in the country. I don’t think the main lead going to Africa to help was a problem. Nothing racist there and it never meant that Africa is poor

  6. I`ve been reading the comments and I believe nobody understood the main concept of the show. First of all, when Tae Sung went to Africa, he visited a specific place where help was needed. They NEVER said Africa was a poor country. If not why don`t you go and check UNICEF or ONU sites, where they ask for volunteers in places like the one of the show. The portraited a reality that exists and many try to hide. So please, chill!
    People always ruin good things when they victimize themselves or speak for others who didn´t ask for any defense.That being said, let me talk about the show itself.
    The actors are great. We laughed and cried. When that happens, it means the show is good. Are there any cliches? Well, of course there are, it´s a romantic comedy. However, there are also heart wrenching moments and sad stories which are not so common nowadays. I´m watching this drama with my family and we´re loving every episode. The main leads and the second leads do a great job. This show is about, friendship, trust and love. Looking forward to the last two episodes.

  7. omg why am i looking at the comments and so many ppl are attacking the show idk what’s so bad about it the plot is really good and the love story and just everything about it. if you dont like it just dont watch its that simple dont ruin it for others who really enjoy/love the show!!!

    1. but i can say for sure that the beginning of the show was not needed at all whatsoever putting it on display making it seem like Africans are poor when they arent. now that was uncalled for…

  8. tbh I just wish I could erase all of this stupid comments like seriously y’all do nothing but ruin the mood if anyone is reading I recommend this drama it’s seriously really good, but if you don’t like it please don’t comment shit abt it just simply drop i cuz it’s rlly annoying yk.

  9. What pises me off! is that people are giving this movie so much attention as if its a good movie. Guys, you guys are only making this boring romance movie more viewers by wasting your energy insulting each other and making new visitors curious only to get disappointed of why they tried to find out what the fuss is all about.

    1. How about letting people watch what they want. Who are you to tell people what they should and shouldn’t watch? Maybe they like the storyline or the actors or the comedy. Go do what you want and leave us be. You’re confused if you’re putting so much energy into something you’re against

    2. It’s not a movie but a tv series, and if you think it’s boring then just stop watching it and stop commenting shit if you don’t like then leave for god’s sake.

  10. Who the fuck are you to say that Asians are ugly you dumb just go and live your fucking life don’t come here and just talk nonsence about Asians ho back to school and read about whole Asia continent you just know about Korea in Asia you racist

      1. If you’re indian, then I am extremely disappointed in you. Take your egotistical, racist mindset back to the 1800s. This is a progressive world where all races are and should be treated equally

    1. Sorry this was said about Asians.
      It doesn’t feel great when something negative it thought about your entire continent, right? This is how Africans felt about how they were being portrayed in the first few episodes of this drama. Everything felt so poorly researched. Imagine the stereotypes that are going to be created in the minds of people who know nothing about Africa.

    2. It doesn’t feel great when something negative it thought about your entire continent, right? This is how Africans feel about how they were portrayed in this drama. Everything felt so poorly researched. Imagine the stereotypes that are going to be created in the minds of people who know nothing about Africa.

    3. I think this racist of a thing should stop pls guy we are all one we should all love each other the fact that we love k dramas signify love pls stop all colour is beautiful I love Korea I love Africa too united we stand divided we fall

  11. Please can the negativity reduce or just stop cause it bring the rating of the film down.
    Stop with the narrow mindedness and just joy the film
    Let the rating follow by it’s SHOOTING STAR.

  12. I dont know why people are fighting in comments just watch the drama peacfully everyone is here for some entertainment instead of arguments so please dont fight.

  13. And there we go western white people are just white with ugly skin tone and start to look older at their 13/14. And another race with ugly stupid black with so much pigmentations on face and body part with ugly kinky hair are just so ugly. Just gag over you guys. If talk about guys then western guys are just awful, with bad skin just so awful. Oh yeah you guys even don’t wash your butt after poop, yak so unhygienic. Stinky butt race wak.

    1. Oh je te conseille de fermer ta gueule et va te faire foutre, t’as aucun droit de juger les comme ca surtout si t’es pas la mieux placé pour le faire sale raciste va et va te faire foutre ptn de merde.

      1. ouais c’est super racist. I am actually surprised that there are people walking out there with no brain in their head. that’s some stupid people way of thinking

    2. Fuck you ass up not all black people doesn’t like this drama so stop saying things you don’t know with your Asia ass. Up bitch stfu if you don’t know what you are saying bitch fuck you and Your color Asia ass niga

    3. Asians talking about beauty standards lmao please look at your face in the mirror we cant even tell you apart you guys all look chinese

    4. Learn correct pronunciation first. You have good skin and good hair so what? Your inside is pretty ugly to say such things. And sorry not everyone has such awful thoughts you’re a shame to your people esp your loved ones, I feel sorry for you and them.

  14. This is so uncalled for and let’s be honest with ourselves, Asians are ugly human beings with non existent eyes. At least every country has people that are fine and people that are ugly but that’s not the case for Asians cause they are all ugly, it’s just with makeup and surgery that they look presentable, even their guys have to wear makeup. SMH.

    1. damn insecure much? there are other asians aside east asian with beautiful features like south asians and middle-eastern. go back to school, you dont even know basic geography dumbass

    2. i’m confused your user name is American African Asian but you just bashed asian for their eyes .. aren’t you supposed to be an asian as well.. either way you shouldn’t say that about all just because some random series wasn’t to your liking.. from what I heard actually Koreans see themselves as the prettiest east asian so I don’t think your words going to effect them.. but it will effect your view of life cause carrying hate harms you the most..

    3. Either they are beautiful or not who are you to speak like that. If you don’t have right words to say then you don’t have right to say bad words. And see your words what you have said about eyes , honestly I found it beautiful. Even if someone wearing makeup it’s their choice. And almost every actor in this world have to wear makeup, in your country also.

    4. wow.. I really feel sorry for you. How dare you say something like that?? God!! you must live an awfully pathetic life. Shame on you!!

    5. wow I think you might be honest with yourself and get a grip.
      Go touch some grass maybe that’ll get racism and inferiority complex out of you somehow

    6. Ok ok I understand where your frustration is coming from. The drama indeed unnecessarily stereotyped Africa and it’s people and as a fan of Kdramas, it is very disappointing since so many controversies has happened because of stereotyping in Kdramas and you’d think they would have learned by now. However, that does not give you the right to comment and criticize what they look like. Your comment tells me that you are no different from the writers who wrote this drama.

      **P.S. Asia is not just Korea 👍 you just called 59% of the worlds population ugly. Get educated, then state your opinion.

    7. Well then YTF are you on a streaming site made exclusively for ASIAN content??? YTF do you have ASIAN in your username? attention seeking whore much??? people like you really need to keep your hands of the keyboard…Cuz the only one here with non existent eyes seems to be you!! Also, go learn something at school kid, cuz you clearly lack knowledge about basic geography and demography…Not all asians look the same and none of the asians need your validation or opinion for the least coz you out here just be hating on people cuz of your own damn insecurities!!! You surely dont know yet that its 2022 and people here have evolved from that douche like 1800s era thinking and thought process of yours….LOL DUMBASSES OUT HERE LIKE YOU BE THINKING YOU DID SOME..lmao

    8. Dude im from india. Dont u know how beautiful r the women in india? Also in japan, korean, china, thailand…
      Not all the people undergo plastic surgeries. Just think twice before making ridiculous opinions. All human beings have natural beauty u fucking idiot. If u r against asian countries, just change ur username “American African Asian” lmfao. Eww i just hate these fucking ridiculous people who make useless opinions without knowing the interior of the story.

    9. then wtf are you doing commenting on an Asian drama that is on a website specifically for ASIAN dramas. you are probably a 14 year old kid so go play somewhere else

    10. again someone who can’t just keep their opinions to themselves…….if you don’t like asians it doesn’t mean you have to spread your hatred .If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. The fact that you have time to go on a korean drama loving website just to be racist and rude says more about you than actual asians

    11. who are you to say that asines are ugly? look at yourself in the mirror, asians are beautiful in their own are the only ugly one here.

    12. Nothing wrong with Asians or any other race. Nothing wrong with men wearing makeup. All male actors and models wear it so why can’t the common man. Asian men aren’t the only men who wear makeup. Go back to the 1800s with that mindset. This is a progressive century so if you can’t accept that then shut your mouth. Simple

    13. beauty is subjective asshole. I bet you also don’t find yourself beautiful, that’s why you’re flaunting your insecurities here hahahahaha

    14. How many Miss Universe crowns did Asians win? They are not only beautiful but intelligent as well.

  15. Ay mi dios
    Can y’all/you all stop this whole argument about being rich or poor, pretty or ugly, and as for the korean that’s boasting about living in a rich country you know your korean currency is one of the currency with the least values in the world right?
    Talking about being rich when more than 15 out of the 54 African countries currency have higher values your korean won🤷‍♂️
    Stop being a spoilt brat who’s boasting around looking all dumb and stupid without facts and find the time to sign up for your military enlistment or a job or something helpful or go back to school to improve your English language cause best believe this is 2022 the world isn’t going to stay the same
    Stop hating publicly and keep your hate to yourself
    You’re up against a lot of people blindly arguing
    No one asked you for your damned Money, we Africans will handle ourselves like we always have
    Stay in your lane and try to grab some common sense
    Unless you actually weren’t born with it

  16. Those who are saying ‘calm down’ or ‘it’s not a big deal’ with the whole Africa thing are those who have not experienced being look down upon because of how media portrays where you are from. If you have then you will let those who are unhappy about it express their feelings. It’s not hating on the drama but expressing someone’s hurt by what was portrayed in the drama because truthfully alot of Korean dramas have always included a part where a lead character goes to Africa to volunteer. They always go to Africa to volunteer and America or Europe to school. That is telling people who are watching the drama that Africa is a place with only suffering people and that’s just not okay especially in Korean dramas that alot of people from different places watch. And if you are unhappy or feel that something being portrayed is false please speak up and comment on it if not people will either take what was portrayed as the truth or it will be something that will continue going on. And yes there are alot of people who thinks Africa is a country rather than a continent (this is an experience I have had with people in universities)

    1. IKR. people have the wrong idea about our continent lol. medical education in old Egyptian universities for example is one the best educations you can get world wide. some of the distinguishable noble prize winners are “Africans”. I remember talking with someone and they were surprised to know there were actual buildings and malls and fast food restaurants where I come from. I mean we are at a time where information is one tap away, there is really no excuse for ignorance.

    2. Idk what is the wrong with these people. Why r u taking these things so serious? Whyyy😂 If u hate this drama or korean stuffs, just ignore them man. Why r u making so much bad opinions like this. I just hate these fucking ridiculous people who make useless opinions without knowing the interior of the story.

  17. Please please just watch the drama and and keep your hate comment for yourself I came here in comment to share my opinion about this drama not to watch or read your hateful comment so please if you have time to arguing about something go somewhere else thank you have a nice day

  18. when will the subtitles be available
    I can’t watch the drama without them
    so much suspense
    plz, insert the subtitles quickly…….

  19. Tbh i wouldnt be annyoed if some1 said that to asia (im asian) and i think they said that abt it cos ppl r saying things like that online for example on tiktok ive seen AFRICAN ppl say i need water and i agree they should have done more research about it before saying that and saying that some1 is in africa is not a big deal. Every1 knows its a continent. its kinda like saying im abroad for them like u can say im in europe rn. Like Chill its not a big deal they didnt say that africa is a country and abt the water thing that was a bit disrespectfull but not everything is perfect. If u rlly care dont watch the drama cos they might be other things that u like not everything need to be what u want.

        1. I’ve never heard Africans comment Asians are over exaggerating by saying white people are racist for making fun of your squinted eyes or funny English accents. So when you hear Africans comment on Asians being racist please keep quiet if you lack empathy.
          Also Africa is not a country, he keeps saying Africa like Africa is a village. There is no country without poor people and rich people. So I don’t get why we keep being portrayed as needy hungry poor people with no Education. I’m Kenyan and here education up to college if free. The average Kenyan speaks 4 languages and we are very developed. Research na muache kutuboo na racism.

  20. Bruhhh some of these comments are wild af !! I didn’t even know the Africa thing was such problem until I looked at the comments here. I love this show I think it’s funny af and I really enjoy the acting. Some of you guys really should just take a step back and calm down it’s really not that deep. Just enjoy the show or pick something else to watch.

    1. The only wild person here is you, you can obviously see the racist stereotypes implemented in the show. First of all it was completely unnecessary to add to the show, they could’ve just made him go on a trip somewhere else or volunteer abroad. As an african person I was pretty upset seeing them just generalize and entire continent and enforce stereotypes. Clearly you have no position to talk

    2. I’ve never heard Africans comment Asians are over exaggerating by saying white people are racist for making fun of your squinted eyes or funny English accents. So when you hear Africans comment on Asians being racist please keep quiet if you lack empathy.
      Also Africa is not a country, he keeps saying Africa like Africa is a village. There is no country without poor people and rich people. So I don’t get why we keep being portrayed as needy hungry poor people with no Education. I’m Kenyan and here education up to college if free. The average Kenyan speaks 4 languages and we are very developed. Research na muache kutuboo na racism.

  21. Yes Africa is a continent with 54 countries and they are many countries in Africa that struggle in getting water….I feel like this k-drama didn’t want to specifically name the country or countries that have a shortage of water so they had to just say Africa…. Plus who at this day and age doesn’t know that Africa is a continent… Stop the racism and watch the kdrama, y’all are too grown to be telling each other to go kill themselves (I’m from South Africa btw)

  22. Hy everyone,
    I am Nigerian and I have been a fan of kdrama and kpop. I also watch the reality shows and award shows.I literally watch only kdramas most of the time.
    After reading some comments while looking for reviews I would love to say that as a Nigerian is from an African continent we would also love dramas to portray our good sides as much as we have bad sides too.
    All countries in Africa are beautiful and we love Asians so much.The inter-racial marriage between African and Asians are always so amazing.
    We should be open to accept other people’s culture and lifestyle its a wonderful experience.

  23. I am Nigerian and I have been a fan of kpop and kdrama for so long.YES,We would want dramas who refer to Africa to at least portray the good sides of African as much as we have bad sides.I believe all countries have their good and bad.
    I have read through some racism comments here and I am quite surprised that people still have such reservations about different countries.
    Let us learn to genuinely appreciate each other and respect our differences.
    I would love to visit South Korea someday.
    I love the fact that we have African and Asians who are married or dating and trust me its such a good vibe learning about another county’s culture and lifestyle.

    1. Your right, I’m also a fan of kpop and kdrama and I am a pilipina

      so lets respect each other and enjoy this drama.

  24. Legit bro like if you got a problem stop watching like no one asked for your negative comments.

    1. I’ve never heard Africans comment Asians are over exaggerating by saying white people are racist for making fun of your squinted eyes or funny English accents. So when you hear Africans comment on Asians being racist please keep quiet if you lack empathy.
      Also Africa is not a country, he keeps saying Africa like Africa is a village. There is no country without poor people and rich people. So I don’t get why we keep being portrayed as needy hungry poor people with no Education.
      I’m Kenyan and here education up to college if free. The average Kenyan speaks 4 languages and we are very developed. Research na muache kutuboo na racism. nkt!

  25. Everyone is trying so hard to act cool. plz whatever side you are just stop it already. its irritating.

  26. Oh my heavens! What a lack of maturity and analysis. They protest for anything. Who was killed or who belittled just for mentioning a race. If those things happen all over the world, please stop being immature and enjoy the drama, it’s hilarious.

  27. Oh por los cielos! Que falta de madurez y de analisis. Por cualquier cosa protestan. A quien mataron o a quien menosprecieron solo por mencionar una raza. Si esas cosas suceden en todo el mundo, por favor dejense de inmadurez y disfruten el drama que esta divertidisimo.

  28. Enjoy the show and stop be so racist. The yellow filter was the problem i undertand but stop be so intense about this. Good actors and a romance coming up, a three some jajaja about the cap2 i thinks its was funny, he do that with she becouse he know her and had story. If it was somebody else i think the character wouldnt do it. Think!

  29. Was just existed seeing the trailer on YouTube, but now I see all this hate comment
    I think I’ll just move on , I’ve been watching kdramas for almost a decade now and I’m a Nigerian so this is displeasing to see honestly
    So I’ll just move on to the next kdrama because I still love Koreans regardless, we can’t just judge every Korean because of just this flop yh it’s upsetting and I feel the producers should come out to atless apologize and the sexually assault part which was just turned into a joke isn’t right also
    It was just portraying the wrong manners ep 1 and ep 2 , but we moveeee 💆🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️

  30. I’m not trying to be rude or anything but there was a comment that said ‘if your still watching this k-drama you are not true allies’ and it made be feel really bad ,I get it they said Africa is a country but it is a continent and they are portraying Africa is a poor country but please just let the people watch this k-drama in peace . If you don’t like it then go somewhere else instead of spreading hate .

    1. If something is racist it shouldn’t be ignored. And ignoring it just because it doesn’t concern you makes you racist as well and part of the problem. Look inside yourself

  31. The racism in the comments from both sides is actually frightening
    People are still thinking as if we are in 1890 or something like grow up it’s 2022 we all can’t look the same
    And empires fall and rise in the next decade or so world empires would have shifted
    Africa is a young continent that has a very bright future so is Asia

  32. HI… I have something quick to say….. FIRSTLY , if people have a problem or don’t understand PROPERLY what is going on in the comments, please just understand that its for peoples entertainment not something that people should be debating for or picking on “IF YOU DONT HAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO SAY DONT SAY IT !”( unless it’s supporting )
    And I’m not Korean or even Asian I’m just somebody that likes to watch the dramas like a lot of people do! If you think you can write whatever you want please reconsider not everybody thinks the same way as you and I don’t think actors, script writers or directors need your opinion so KEEP THEM TO YOURSELFS!!

    P.S : I’m not asking for and reply’s please

    1. Before you support things like this, please consider that a lot of the info people know about places they haven’t visited is infact from the media and such potrayals damage Africans

  33. Do yall like HAVE TO comment? You just finished watching the episodes and you YOU JUST HAD THIS WEIRD URGE TO COMMENT AND WERE LIKE.. “Oh lemme go annoy people because I am bored “.. Yah people have other jobs to do than paying you attention you know?… Also this whole” poor “thing… You guys think it’s funny? This is so disrespectful of you… Oh also about the ” yellow people and.. Just like their acting ” I mean usually people are watching a movie/series because they are Attracted to someone from the movie not just for their acting skills… If you guys have a problem with the Kdrama just dislike it and never continue watching it again.. Why waste your time and my time ( reading the comments tryna find someone who might happen to know about the next episode) too?

  34. Then why are you here… Nobody asked you to watch…🙄😒
    Go find something else to entertain you…

  35. What is so great about Koreans anyway. Such a small peninsula yet they can’t unite. North, South, Japan. Wtf. Anyway i never liked this yellow people. I just watch the shows because they are good at acting. Its just for entertainment guys.

        1. It’s not your problem either stop being so racist it’s annoying you guys are saying the drama is racist but being racist yourselves plz stop and act mature.

    1. Do you want to know what’s so great about Koreans?

      1. Our visuals. We have the most desirable girls in the world. We have the sexiest and hottest people you can imagine.

      2. We are rich unlike you.

      3. We make all your phones, electronics, and others. Just check your phone screen and CPU it’s probably made by Samsung Electronics. You’re 100% watching this show on a screen made by Samsung electronics.

      4. We ain’t yellow we are white. You are dark. We have better color than you.

      1. All asians are the same. Its just some of you happen to got our genes. HEIGHT. But your eyes are still same as Africans. Your girls are like chopsticks. Terrible shape. I don’t see something to brag about here dude

        1. Pathetic. You can’t even recognize beauty. You have no sense of what is good or bad. It’s a shame that you can’t see past your poor eyes.

          Oh I forgot you are the one starving without food. Korea is rich we have so much food over here. I hope you enjoy starving to death in Africa.

          1. My eyes and hair are quite beautiful. Not that ugly black hair that you asians must change its colour trying to look like us. Oh! I am not an african, and one thing is clear that I’m richer than you. You seem to know alot about poor people.

          2. African are beautiful without makeup and they are not starving. African have greaner pasture than Asians and in every country there people stuffering not only African

          3. @Rehoboam

            Okay so you’re from some poor country in Eastern Europe. Same thing. I hope you starve over there in Europe.

            Here in Korea and in America we are rich. We have more than enough food. We are the richest countries in the world. 🇰🇷 x 🇺🇸

          4. Shut UP WOMANNNNN! DONT be fucking rude. Can you explain what you’ve done to your country? People watch kdrama because they like them, you don’t have to brag about it. You are a simple human being who got nothing. Before anything learn to respect people, all the people in this world are same. Poverty, rich can be controlled but worse human beings like you should be get lost from this whole universe. Stop racism, hope you have the worse life ever if you continue to be like this. You are disrespectful to your own COUNTRY

      2. But we’re do you get your cobalt the core reason you are able to produce your electronics don’t be daft expected better since you are sooo smart

        Ps you are not white just because you buy products to whiten your skin doesn’t make you white you are a person of color
        Those Americans or Europeans definitely don’t think you are the same as them

      3. I am from Greece. I love Korea, people from Korea, the language… everything is lovely. It s nice to know their style of life and the traditions. They are highly educated and they have good manners.

      4. becarefull hey we know that korea it developped country….OK, but wait a minute you’re a korean right
        Korean people respect others I think, but now i see that not all of them are respctfull
        what do you mean by “you’re dark we’ve better color than you”???
        1_ you’re rasisme
        2_ don’t be a stupide Do a little research to know that Not all Africans are dark
        3_ God created all human beings equal OK WHO ARE YOU TO SAY THAT YOU’RE BETTER THAN ANY OHTHER
        4_ we are in 2022 stop this bullshit

      5. We being dark is just our color and we are far more richer than you guys and don’t discriminate against people

      6. Even if you are great , you have no rights to tell what’s good or bad for others. Every country people have own beauty standards. Since you don’t need to explain yours.

      7. You should change ur mindset about body color.😑
        Being black is another kind of beauty .
        I am also a asian.What is so great about being white?
        what matters is how the person is

      8. U know u are showing your low mindset by potraying many other countries as poor country.I am also from a country richer than urs .If every country was rich ,they wouldn’t have to help each other😶.

        U should study to normalize ur mindset if u can’t do so from ur environment

      9. What in the ‘world of ignorance’ are we reading here…. Just when I thought in my little pond we are slowly starting to learn more about our cultures and differences as humans to coexist peacefully… It turns out we still have ‘little hitlers’ in the making…

        Is it just a few of us who still remember what disastrous results racism has done in the world…

        I get we are all proud of our cultures and who we are, but let’s not forget we are all far from being perfect..

      10. Dude you are just being senseless right now because though u have all that. the suicide rate in your country is fucking high so thats not something to brag about yes you produce your phone and you have less melanin to survive in every fucking weather but I love my skin and wouldn’t change it for the world and it’s because of people like you and things you say that making people wonder if it’s good or not to bash your fucking skull in.thank you and please be wish 😊😊

      11. Hmm I never knew there was a problem with being dark skinned… Are you the one that created different skin colors and races, if you are not then I dont think you have a reason or the right to insult the color of someone’s skin

      12. bitch when you are six feet under the ground you wont have the pretty face or body or even your riches with you so just shut your fucking mouth

      13. Literally why is everyone arguing, we came to watch the show. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

      14. 1. Europians are as beautiful as asians and amercans and africans and all

        2. And that made you rude

        3. Mine is lenovo lmao. And good for you ig????

        4. All colours are beautiful +you are racist to the fullest

    2. you’re just talking because you’re safe here, yet hypocrites like you would be scared to do it on insta or tiktok

  36. Hey, stop these stupid comments about insulting Africa. I live in europe. I am poor. Water wells are expensive to drill. Pls someone come and drill a well on my land for free. I will be grateful. 😀

    1. Drill your own well! there’s no “free money”. Most Koreans don’t want to give out their own money. We have our own problems. We need to spend it on our own defense to protect against north korea. so stop complaining.

      stop being so poor. just work hard and get rich like Korea.

      1. Nah actually go fuck yourself. Nobody asked for your “charity” so stop tryna act like we wanted it. I bet your sitiing at home comfortably eating off your parents money and just living the life right? Doesnt give you the right to say to “stop being poor” you think they had a choice? JuSt WoRk HaRd you have the stupidest comment out of all of them. Maybe go get a life instead of judging ppl who are barely earning enough to make a living. Fucking disgraceful piece of shit.

      2. Dude your grammar HAHAHAHAHAHAH there’s? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AND STOP BEING SO POOR HAHAHAHAHAH NO NEED TO USE SO IF YOU HAVE WORD “BEING” NAH YOUR English is below elementary kid such fucking disgrace most Korean like still baby sitting by their parents work for your self dude stop asking in your parents for money.

    1. We’re not raicist. You’re just poor! Stop being so poor please. I don’t want to share my money with you.

      1. OMG DID YOU JUST END POVERTY IN THE WORLD? I swear dumbasses like you are the reason why ppl quit their jobs. And bitch nobody asked for your money keep that nasty ass shit and shove it up your ass. The way you guys even have the audacity. Just because your living your life rn doesnt mean that you get to insult ppl who dont have the privilege you ungrateful brat. I swear karma will hit you. And when it does we’ll see who’s poor then.

        1. Do you really think Karma will hit me? I live in the great republic of Korea. There is nothing that can change my lifestyle. I work hard and I have money. Y’all poor cuz you don’t work hard. Go get a job and get rich like us in Korea.

          You poor people will never understand how to earn money. Stay poor. I work hard so I’m rich. I’m swimming in cash from the hard work I do unlike you stupid poor asses that keep complaining.

          1. you are a motherfucking bitch who think that being rich is going to help you when you die and rot in hell.

      2. Fck off bro. Your country not even in rich people list. I know that you guys didn’t allow foreigners to your fcking pub. You don’t have courage 😂😂😂.

    2. I’m a Korean but we’re not a racist OK maybe some Korean can be racist but it’s common in other countries for example in America half of people are not racist but some people just say stuff about Asians so it’s just common thing if you are not Korean just stop spreading rumors about us You don’t know anything about Korean

    3. your LITERARY poor in korea also, i’m not going to deny, africa is poor too, but i wouldn’t know anything about being in a poor country because i’m from america a rich country everyone comes to everyone for resources all around the world. where does everyone think they get diamonds and gold from….AFRICA everyone gets their riches africa so everyone stop talking sh*t and just come here what you came to do and watch the DRAMA. honestly not that hard..

  37. everyone in the comment ruined the mood, yes it may annoy you because of how they portrayed Africa. But wtf it’s a k-drama if you don’t wanna watch don’t watch and stfu. Yes, many people have different opinions but telling someone to kill themselves because of what they think is disgusting. Telling someone to kill themselves because its their opinions is fucking childish, some people in this comment section should go find a life and grow up.☠️☠️ One last thing, the drama didn’t intend to insult or offend anyone. So again if you think it is disrespectful to Africa or offend you please don’t watch it and go on with your life.

      1. I totally get that it is just a drama and it is really wrong to stay behind a keyboard and ask others to kill themselves but shouldn’t movies, music, the art world be a safe space for all of us in the World. Should a particular set of people (black) after experiencing rasicm and bad treatment, go on TV to find a nice drama and end up experiencing the same thing on TV in 2022. As much as it might not be intentional, being cultrally aware is an important aspect as a producer or director. It is poor taste really and it leaves my mouth bitter that people who are also people of colour cannot be sensitive to other people’s situations. Africa is a beautiful CONTINENT not a country. A lot of places have good things and there are places without good things too. But isn’t it time to stop portraying the whole CONTINENT like the people there still lives in huts and are always waiting for the white people to come save them. We have people who are winning grammys and people who are working hard to ensure their countries are getting better, why not use that. Or even if poor parts want to be portrayed, mention the particular place so people are aware of the place and help can reach there. Or why not use India who also has a lot of poor parts too. We have dignity too and deserve to be written into movies fairly.

        1. I think this is one of the very few comments that have been written with more thought to it. I am sorry that the K-Drama portrays it like this. I hope that they will learn out of it, but I also don’t agree with those who say that you should kill yourself or stop watching it because of this. If people watch it for the romance and so, please don’t be too offended by them.

          And now I will excuse myself and go watch some thriller drama since I just stepped by here and wanted to see some – maybe helpful, but it was to be expected – reviews, so I can decide on what to watch.

          Annyeong people and stop hating on each other…Why not spread some love and discuss things in a rational way, dudes? c:

    1. Why do you guys alway auger coat it for them they’re racist and I’m going to call them out for it 😉

  38. oh PEOPLE STOP… You’re comments about how they portrait Africa is getting ridicously irritating… Be honest, there a lot of places in this continent that may still need help so dont get so offended by how they show Africa, they don’t do anything wrong… seriously calm down a little… it’s just a show not a documentary movie!

      1. Lmaoo, imagine being such a shit person. Do your friends also have to pretend to like you, or is it just your parents? I would offer to pay for your therapy, but I think the people around you need it more. Tell them to hit me up.
        Also, honey, before you lash out like that, take some spelling and grammar lessons. If you do, people might actually take you seriously 😘

      2. sick fuck!!! Racist towards Africans forgetting white people make fun of your squinted eyes and funny English accents while Africans speak 4 languages lmao get extra brain cells before you go attacking others for voicing racism

    1. really? so they couldnt make it a ‘documentary” without being racist?
      or making africa look freaking poor !
      for goodness sake thayre the third richest continent in the worl and you think they dont have water?!

    2. There are also plenty of places on all CONTINENTS that need help, why is Africa the only one that’s always potrayed as not having anything nice

  39. I’m glad subs are taking forever to come, I hope they never sub this show. The constant insult of a whole continent is unacceptable. Those of you that continue to watch this are not true allies.

    1. “not true allies” just let ppl watch the kdrama and don’t watch it if you’re uncomfortable thanks?

    2. The story is not based on real situations. Please don’t be so dramatic. Please don’t take it to heart. If they’ll show how poor our country is, I won’t mind. It’s just a fictional story anyway. I’ll just enjoy the plot. Be open-minded. Thank you.

    3. Even if they portrayed my country like that i wouldnt really care tbh.. i just watch it if i like the actors

  40. I understand why some people feel uncomfortable. And i also think it’s kinda racist from the start, but you don’t have to watch it if you don’t like it or it makes you feel too uncomfortable.

    1. For all of you saying “Ohhh you all are over reacting”. I say this with all the love in my heart. Go KILL YOURSELF

      1. Bro how many people are you going to tell to off themselves? Just because some people don’t think that this is intentional racism and just stuff doesn’t mean they should kill themselves. I’m African and it’s true that some of the countries are poor and don’t have water, you’re saying stuff as if they completely made it up and yes it was wrong of them to say that all of Africa is poor and water-less, but they probably meant a country that is poor. I’m going to tell you this with all the love in my heart, shut the fuck up because it’s rude to tell people to off themselves, have you thought that you might say this to a suicidal person and they’ll be like “okay, I will” and it’ll be your fault you stupid ass mf, no one even asked for your opinion. Also, the original commenter didn’t say people were overreacting, they literally said that they understand why, but you don’t have to watch it, also you’re stereotyping all of Korea and Koreans by saying they’re all racist, so you’re doing the exact same thing as the show, dumbass.

        1. Oh please STFU. Name one African country where THE ENTIRE COUNTRY doesn’t have water, please just one you fucking moron. Any African that supports this stupid stupid media potrayal that is TIIIRREED shouldn’t kill themselves but should definitely be publicly hang.

  41. The absurd comments really ruin the mood…
    If you are uncomfortable pls don’t watch it…this drama is really awesome, the chemistry between main leads is what I want…..keep it up…hwaiting Kim young dae💜

  42. It’s funny how korea they say there is racism if they go to a foreign country while infact they are the same. Africa is not a poor country waiting for you guys to come and save….we are rich and we have abundant wealth. There is the saying which goes “Nyani haoni kundule lake” it literally means one can’t see his own shortcoming or weakness. I believe there alot of homeless and jobless people in your country.

    Anyway I love the drama it’s fun but just a portrayal of it is a little bit uncomfortable especially to we African.

    1. I too feel uncomfortable about that scene. Annoyed I mean. I don’t know about your wealth but why did they have to show it like Africans are poor and have to be saved by some other country. BTW, I think that the well is not something that any foreigner can dig up … I don’t know. I am Asian though.

    2. I’m from UK, in my country there’s adverts about people across Africa that don’t have clean water, showing people in poverty, now i know Africa is a big area, but i guess not all of Africa is “rich and abundant wealth”, i guess if you happen to be in a place that’s got wealth etc, in Africa, great. The problem arises with how its seen by many cultures, Corruption etc
      is it right no its probably not, but that’s the only perspective we get to see i’m afraid..

      1. You’re so close to getting the point, we hate this narrative because like you have said, this is all you get to see even though this is infact not at all all that there’s to see. Like every other continent, we have both poor and rich people so the media constantly only potraying the poor is exhausting

      1. Africa is just a country. Live with the facts. It’s just 1 huge country with 1 billion of the world’s most unproductive people. Y’all should start mining more. It doesn’t make sense why we need to go to your country and mine your resources for you.

        Just give us your resources and shutup.

        1. wtf, who are u? are even listening to yourself, i mean if you didn’t have anything clever to say there was the option of just shutting the hell up, your opinion most especially one of this nature about a continent u probably have never been to was not required. I personally loved some aspects of the show, like the romance, since this was the fist time watching a korean drama that gave off racist vibes, i wont make a general conclusion as silly as “all koreans are racist”. should the production team have done more research about the place they were going to portray in the show? yes. But they didn’t and they need to take responsibility for that. fact is, even just referring to Africa as a country is racist enough, how would u feel if Americans referred to Asia as a country. People lashed out at the makers of snowdrop for merely getting historical facts wrong, but its okay to call a whole continent a country, apparently, mhhhh wowww. anyway still love the romance, which was what drew me to it in the first palce

        2. I live in South Africa, and your currency needs to be times 80 times just to reach my country’s 1(ZAR) currency… Firstly I’ve never seen any Korean company getting resources from my country, my country has never depended in Korea in any kind of way… and I’ve never seen any Korean product in my country…. I haven’t reached 20 but I can tell for sure you’re inhuman probably because you’re going through the most in your life, cause no body in their right senses can write what you’ve written … Get a life cause it’s clear you need one

        3. Isn’t your country top five in plastic surgery? lmao at least us Africans know and love ourselves. Also we speak 4 languages while in your dramas you boast of speaking English like it’s a big achievement lmao fucking racists

        4. 😂😂 lol. Are you Korean? You guys are portrayed to be so respectful and shit. I mean, are you educated? Also africans population is more than a billion and we don’t only mine 🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂. Omo!!! At least get your facts right chingu. Ifuo nade yawa. Wiyi omoko kose?

  43. The portrayal of Africa left a bad taste in my mind, the fact that we are still doing this in 2022 is upsetting. I won’t be watching, it may be a great drama but not for me. Y’all have fun


    1. EXACTLY! I’m totally agree with you
      They must RESPECT US,we don’t need their money or anything else we are FINE, a lot of KOREANS don’t have proper meals and home to stay , they must care about their own business ,i wanted to watch it but after all this no sense i don’t want it anymore

    2. WE ARE FIne in AFRICA we don’t need your money or anything else,a lot of KOREANS don’t have proper meals and home to stay so U must care about your own business ,i wanted to watch it but after all this no sense i don’t want it anymore

    3. I am not from africa but yes i do feel bad bcz i have experience such things,people criticising us on terrorism
      This all sucks 😤
      Wait I don’t like it , esp the africa setup . I have seen africa in vlog.
      the place where i live is a valley and to north in mountainous region and to south is desert and people think we don’t have internet and we travel on camel🐪 this all sucks plz do visit areas before u give a set plot
      Thank u

    4. Oh stfu! Have you gone to the rural places of Africa? Not everyone has the facility that you have got! I mean there are so many places like this exist that you don’t even know you stupid people and it’s just a drama. Why are you feeling uncomfortable with seeing this? Ya mayb it has developed now but it had happened in the past why the hell do you feel uncomfortable? Let the drama be a drama…. I’m very enjoying this drama anyway.

      1. I agree so much with you. Dont understand why people get the África thing in a bad say When its just a drama and many people do volunteer work there. But well, everyone has their opinion but I agre with yours.

        1. I agree with you but you need to understand that Africa is a continent. Don’t lump all of us into one small bag because it suits a particular thing. I seriously can’t believe it is 2022 and we still need to keep saying this. The CONTINENT Africa has 54 Countries and over 200 tribes. I am too scared to watch the series because of how we might have been potrayed. People say there are parts of India that are poor but nobody lumps them up with the whole Asia. And every continent and country has its own bad aspects. It is already bad enough that we experience racism and are put down every where we go, don’t you think arts should be a safe space for everyone.

  45. I don’t like the way they portrayed Africa. Africa is a continent not a country. I won’t watch it again and my friends hate it already too. The beginning is crazy

    1. Thank you very much for saying this. It can’t be stressed enough. It’s terrible enough that charity is always associated with Africa, but the whole portrayal with the ‘Lion King’ soundtrack made me cringe. It is a continent ffs with 54 different countries.

    2. I completely agree, it was soo disappointing to see. I was really looking forward to this show too but now I won’t be watching. It’s 2022 and they are still treating Africa like it’s a country (it is a big continent with many different countries) and Africans don’t need other people to come save them.

    3. I think you should watch what your saying whoever you are …. You might not like it but just because you don’t like it doesn’t me it’s not good …. I love it and I will continue to support …. Also olatunji you should get lost

    4. backstreet rookie portrayed a Rasta man as a dirty drug addict thought they would stop there after facing backlash. It’s 2022, kdramas can take time to research on their shows but can’t take time to research on how to portray Caribbean and African countries? very annoying and racist wtf!

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