Stove League Episode 15

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3 Comments to “Stove League Episode 15

  1. Really can’t remember and our comments are not left on view. Might be a repeat; but this is one of the most intense dramas and in my opinion, Nam Goong Min is to thank for that!! I tried to be ready to count at least one smile from him, but don’t think one came up. But watching a few of his other dramas, I know he’s fully capable of humor, pleasure and joy!! But no doubt he’s following the script to a ‘t’; which the writers are happy about. Also PEB is carrying her load of the story well. But with only 1 epis left, I guess there is no romance in the works for them!!

    Many thx for the subs and correcting the viewing interference from time to time!

    1. Thank God there’s no romance! ❤️ One thing I love in this drama is that men and women can be both single, professional, and motivated in their job without any romantic relationships with their colleagues.

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