Strangers from Hell Episode 10

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13 Comments to “Strangers from Hell Episode 10

  1. This is so crazy masterpiece so damn good i like it the plot and the actors the end you self thinking if what happened next…. thanks to all producer and director…

  2. This drama is one of the best thriller drama I ever watch. Start to watch this because of cute Im shi wan and Lee dong wook oppa. But I am very pissed off with irresponsible police attitude here. And the people around Jong Woo especially when he already cry for help. Especially his gf and his sunbae. His sunbae was actually nice and quite caring if him but however at the same time he seem to want to control him. And as his gf ji eun. She is most annoying as how can she keep been prejudice toward him. He already said that he scared to be in the studio why wouldn’t she calm himself. Instead she even scolded and force him to accept and been positive. When someone said that she/he was scared, it should never take lightly especially when you’re very close with that someone. Can’t they help him by financial and get a better rent place for him. How can they ignore his plead when they are the only people that he can trust. Lee dong wook oppa does looked very creepy here as psychopath human. But he was so cute when he was grim reaper in Goblin. It’s also looked like Mu jo here was actually obsessed with Jong Woo that he actually killed people which were his own partner in crime. They grown up with him but yet he didn’t hesitate to kill them even killed Jong woo’s sunbae when he saw how upset Jong woo was toward his sunbae. His obsession was almost like he have crush on him. Btw, Im shi wan was very small when he stand by Lee dong wook oppa side. Every episode make me annoyed with the detectives. Jung hwa officer ardy stated that the Eden Studio was suspicious but they still ignore everything she said. Damn it. Other that, I guessed that how society nowadays. They ignored when they cried for help. Just like Jong woo situation he was very pressure with office because of the stupid pervert colleague next to him. Yet whenever he wants to as for help from his gf and sunbae they only lecture him without thinking to bring him out from place he doesn’t like. The tugs uncle was lucky to be alive though but poor cute Jong woo housemate and his friend die on the spot there.

  3. Great drama Shout out to all the team of strangers from the hell.Great show and great acting,action and thriller, it gives chills when you watch it .would watch if they make 2nd season as well . I think they should cast new show soon it would be hit .

  4. Wauw what was this a great 10 ep drama!
    The ending was such a great plot twist (to me it is a plot twist)
    Although I couldn’t watch the cruelty of killing.. it was to much for me.
    Literally the cast was amazing! They played the characters so great ! The story line was perfect the excitement, the thrilling I got from this movie was so fun!
    The ost was calming and everything was just perfect.
    It’s different from the normal kind of dramas.
    Afcourse I have some little questions, but we can all answer them wit our own ideas.

  5. wow..he make “him” as wife killer XD
    people under 20 cannot watch this….
    too dangerous .
    but thumb up for hot shower scene

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