Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 16

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22 Comments to “Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 16

  1. I am just in love with this drama and the cast ❀❀❀❀
    Bestesttttt Kdrama I have ever seen. before I loved Descendant of the sun but now this drama is litπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
    Everything just perfect cast , music , action , romance hayeeeeeee❀
    Lee yeon and lee rang both are perfect in their character 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Beutiful story…makes my heart fly in imagination….really good storyline and actors are too good.everyone is so well casted and we’ll fitted in their role.really thank you so much for making this drama…there are so many things to learn.and also the visual presentation is amazing.from the first episode there is the sting feeling of what will happen next will the lead die? That’s a success of the whole team as a storyteller.

  3. Love this drama evry scene, every episode… I Was very excited from the very first about this drama…it came out so well…Moreover..my fav cast, fav genre, fav romance, etc, etc. And the last scene was just the perfect wowwww… What I really wanted… I am so happy it ended out well… This one is going to be my fav fantasy drama of the year…Hope to see more Gumiho dramas.. It’s worth waiting evry wed and Thursday for months… Saranghae…🦊🦊🦊

  4. So it is due to the fox beed that Yeon still has powers? Sorry for Rang πŸ™ I kind of was fantasizing about him becoming the mountaing spirit in the place of Yeon, since Yeon had became human. Or…idk.. receiving a position…”job”… from Granny or Hades that would allow him to keep living…forever hehe…It would have been pretty cool.

  5. I think this drama is made from animes like kamisama kiss . Try it . It’s so similar to this and yh I love nine tailed foxes. Because kamisama kiss was my first anime so the last part made me feel happy about he’s being a fox again 😍.

  6. I enjoyed every minute of this show even if I hated that they killed my Rang baby. It was just so well made in my opinion and I loved Ji Ah and Yeons cute moments so much. And dont even get me started on that ending, likeeee whhhaaaattttttttt did i just witness?

  7. i love this drama <3 sad ending for rang but at least he was born again. ji ah and yeon got married and get to live a happy life I'm glad. THE ENDING what is yeon-ah???? is he still a fox or????? that was so unexpected BUT I LOVE IT. would definitely recommend this drama. ONE OF THE BESTTT

  8. Such a great drama…when it started, I was really curious about the final .it was great from the first scene to the last scene…Thx for subtitles…

  9. and so this drama comes to a close, wonder if there will be a season two. but i doubt it. it’s set up like one of those one season one hit wonders.

  10. whoa whoa whoa…… that last part was unexpected, so what is he? did he became a human or still a nine tailed fox? but to be honest that last part was pretty good I love it. this Kdrama is soo good it’s recommended for those people who like fantasy genre. I love it <3 <3 <3

  11. Such an interesting drama, but sad ending for Rang πŸ™ , yeon just had been nailed the role with that amazing brown red hairstyle, I am a girl and I’m thinking to try that look haha.offcourse the drama is all about fantasy and there’snt such a thing in reality, but what i like most the message that they’re trying to make people get is that true love and sacrificing for the sake of the beloved ones which unfortunately is very rare in our current time .

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