Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 2

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15 Comments to “Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 2

  1. It is nonsense ,how could he lose his conscious. isn’t he a fox. But ı will try continue to watch. it doesn’t continue like this.

    1. a lot of things are strange in this drama… but they are in all of korean sci fi drmas …. after 1 or 2 eps it will get better …

    2. I think it’s because she used animal (fox) sedative. You see at some point he gives the bottle back to his friend and the friend says “is she trying to kill you” or something like that and also “sorry it won’t happen again”

    3. even though he is a fox, he still will be affected by anesthesia because animal will be unconscious too if they were injected anesthesia. so it makes so much sense

    4. Maybe that’s why he was out for a short while only. My question is, how did she carry him up to his apt? And nobody saw her do this and thought it was suspicious? Lol

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