Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 6

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7 Comments to “Tale of the Nine-Tailed Episode 6

  1. After watching the two powerful dramas this year so far, IONTBO and Flower of Evil, I also got high expectations of this series, because of the genre, lee dong wook and kim bum ofc!. the bromance between LDW and KB is lit! Nari from TKEM is SOOO GORG! there is a growing chemistry between her and the vet. the two of them are soooo CUTE TOGETHER. HOWEVER, the female lead, in my opinion, she’s a bit off. and there’s not much chemistry between LDW and her. and the story telling is not catchy. tho it’s interesting. the pace of the story is getting boring. scenes are predictable. *sigh* i don’t know if i can finish this, tho hoping it will become better for the upcoming episodes..

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