The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 14

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26 Comments to “The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 14

  1. Juntas is his real son! that’s why hyeondo made Hwang taeyong (his not real son) and Juntae (Hyeondo aka Gwon Yohan’s real son) battle it out. Bc he’s essentially a knew person so he’ll accommodate that lifestyle meaning accepting hwang taeyong but….would accept juntae is him, his real son was worthy of adapting to the life that he stole from others, in other words if his real son was greedy just as him. But being as he knows seungcheon swapped just like him, he’s now choosing accepting taeyong as the heir over juntae, but only bc the original TY wasn’t worthy nor juntae, but seungcheon is bc he swapped just like Hyeondo.

  2. Omg,,, remember what Taejon going umma said to yeojin about his real mom having an affair?! Hyeondo (actually yohan) switched with the real hyeondo who already had an established family (miyeon and Taejon got) and that’s why that’s why that’s not his real son. However, why did tarrying and seuncheon randomly switch. also no wonder died, he knew hyeondo’s secret so he killed him.

  3. im not one to leave reviews or comments on anything but this show plays with my emotions a little too much, and i love it. out of all the kdramas ive watched, this one is my top favorite. i discovered this show by chance, and im so addicted to this now.
    i really hope that everything goes smoothly for lee seungcheon. it breaks my heart to see him suffer so much:(
    im really sad that the dad died, the first time i saw that scene i full on cried.

  4. it started with the very good story but the twist was kinda ummmmm…… why does everyone ending up with the spoon and the death of the father is so unfair.. let me guess then the old lady on the street searching for the granny better not be taeyong mom!!!!

    1. Taeyong’s mom is the real that died (the one he draw the picture) the father is the guy the president took the place from. Remember Ty was already born when he used the golden spoon.

    1. This drama now s i dunno

      Become garbage.
      Who else uses golden spoon?
      Better to have diff twist than yeondo using golden spoon.That crzy lady too uses golden spoon..who she swap with?

  5. I think this drama lost sense when everyone ended up with a spoon… let’s hope the ending is better.
    OMG, the end of this episode is too sad .

  6. Why am i thinking that seungchan’s parents is the real rich parents.
    And yeojin is also in love with him? this is not love triangle anymore this is fortangel

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