The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 16

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28 Comments to “The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 16

  1. It’s hilarious that I’ve come to this episode, and yet no one washed their golden spoon. They use it and then put it back inside the wooden case as if nothing happened. lmao

  2. Hmm !! well done ,great acting but was senseless and it didn t touch any part of my soul ,to be shorter the story was not so good

  3. Every thing is for a certain reason just look ? from the eye ? of an eagle ? on your life
    Not one fate of it will you change
    But somehow may be i can divide it into two one before 15 every thing i was heavenly guided the other after i had my first menstruation it looks like i was left some how on my own
    Just this sec I realised EVE did not have menstruation in heaven

  4. I personally think it would have been better to kill lee seungcheon than made him lose his memory and finish it like that,I hate the ending but this was still one of the best kdramas.

  5. I smiled at last for the granny. This drama is just soooo amazing. Huh! I am not feeling anything. Because it’s a mixxing of emotions. I don;t know If I am sad or happy or angry or anxious. I really don’t know what I am feeling now. But granny I will never abandone my parents for sure. Because I don’t want to loose the best parents in the world just like Lee Seoncheong. That’s all.

  6. First I got Headache and Confused how did he wrote the golden book without any memories. Than I realized. I saw his spoon in his back pocket when leaving from his house. If i saw correctly. Maybe he used his own spoon and got whole memories of Toeyong. Interesting.. not bad. ?

  7. I never have left a comment after watching any drama before. I started watching dramas in 2005. This drama has to be my favorite of all time. It teaches emphasizes the importance of family, love, and relationships and not to take any shortcuts or there may be consequences. Work hard and live life to the fullest no matter your financial status, do not be consumed by greed.

    This drama made me so emotional and pulled on my heartstrings so much throughout. My favorite character was Seungcheon’s real dad for sure followed by Munki, the assistant/bodyguard/driver. They were so awesome throughout. Seungcheon’s dad’s death scene in episode 14 made me cry so much. His almost death scene in episode 5 made me yell out “NO” when he was coughing blood. Such a powerful character. I love this drama and hope others can find and enjoy it as well.

  8. The ending was kinda stupid and very mean cuz a completely new guy came and he died instead of the real SeoungCheon, and SeoungCheon ended up always lucky. But the most confusing part is that he doesn’t have any memory of himself which could mean he might not be real SeoungCheon.
    Anyway, the director thinks killing an innocent man instead of SeoungCheon was a really good ending??? I think it is very mean and upsetting to watch it!

    1. The gardenerer is not totally innocent per se, he has a golden spoon and delibarately used it. Although it’s somehow an ass pull to save Seungchon for a little fan service. They don’t retain their memory if they are the victim of the spoon. E.G. Hwang Taeyong is a victim of Seungchon, he doesn’t remember anything about his former self, his memory gets rewritten with Seungchon’s memory. The Golden spoon user is the one who doesn’t loss their memory. The original Taeyoung only completely remembers his former self after he learned about the Golden spoon.

      Now, the ending with Ju hee is totally off the plot. As she really has nothing to do with the Golden spoon and she’s a mere observer. It’s the work of “the power of love” drama trope but hey, it’s a fantasy after all. 🙂

    2. The only way Sungjae will remember being SeoungCheon is to have a meal using his own golden spoon, but first someone should figure out first that he is SeoungCheon and not the gardener and also they need to find his golden spoon.

      1. I think the new SeungCheon has the spoon but didn’t know about it. If you look clearly he put the golden spoon in his pocket and then process to drink the poisoned juice, but then they switched and he left the room ! So the spoon must be with him

      2. So in the end, the gardener used the golden spoon with Seongchon at the last moment and then died. Thankfully Seongchon survived but the golden spoon gave him a totally different personality thinking that he is the gardener. I hope that Juhee and Seongchon as the gardener fell in love in the end.. This drama made me so emotional, loved it!

  9. am i the one who was a bit sad bcuz the ending wasn’t fully happy or sad…it was a bittersweet ending like writers really didn’t had to add the new guy and make him die they could’ve make the ending happy, why do they gotta make us cry, KDRAMA WRITERS REALLY BE BREAKING OUR HEARTS LATELY ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    1. Of course its happy ending. He used his own spoon. He has it in his back pocket of pant while he loosing memories and exiting from his house. See again ..

  10. i always respect the elderly because that’s what my parents taught me but seriously anyone else here wants to punch the old lady in the face

  11. lol I was wondering why that actor was in the last episodes. Turns out he actually had a special role.

    I feel like Seungcheon would know who he really is when he meets Juhee again in the end. He had his golden spoon in his pocket before he switched. The question is if he would regain his memories if he ate from it again?
    If so, that’s why even though he never agreed to interviews before, he had accepted Juhee’s…as for why he didn’t show himself earlier…maybe he accepted it as the price of for stealing someone’s life…

    1. Omg yes! It is true seungcheon had his golden spoon with him when they switched. Surely he used it to eat, after all he mentioned “I’m hungry” when he was walking away from Hwangs house. So I’m guessing he has his memory? It’s one of those endings that doesn’t need a season 2 per se but the storyline could definitely be continued 🙂 Overall this has definitely been a thoughtful provoking and amazing drama. The plot was top tier.

  12. this dumbass is incredibly lucky
    im about real Seungcheon
    keep being alive and free after all this happend woah
    those who he wished reconised him, he tried everything he wanted and he don’t remember all shit that was cause by ‘Hwang’ family
    applause to director and scriptwriters

    and in addition to this
    Sungjae is also sooooo lucky to discharge from army and get this role
    he surely acted well and become more famous as actor?

  13. The last part didn’t confirm but shouldn’t Chaeyeon won’t be able to recognize Sungjae because of the effect of the golden spoon. The reaction of Chaeyeon seems she recognize him despise being switch. But either way, greet conclusion.

    1. I don’t think she did. She probably sensed that he was familiar though…and would probably connect the dots later…

  14. The ending was soo good,but sad. They nicely showed what makes you happy in real life …It was so emotional …I felt it soooooooooooooooo much and even cried. Even though the idea was taken from the webtoon a big applause should be given to the actors for delivering the message in a heartiest and charming way. Deep inside the heart I wish for a 2’nd season.BECAUSE EVENE THOUGH SUENCHONG WAS WRONG I WANT HIM TO REGAIN HIS MEMMORY. Yet it is correct and realistic to pay the price for your sins.

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