The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 8

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12 Comments to “The Golden Spoon (2022) Episode 8

  1. Why is Juntae a leader of Amikus? There hasn’t been an explanation of how Juntae is a golden spoon or chaebol and what his parents did. Even if his parents supposedly died, it doesn’t seem like Jun-tae & Young-shin inherited anything. We only see Young-shin & Jun-tae scheming to take Hwang Taeyong’s place as the heir of Doshin Group. If Juntae is considered a golden spoon only because he’s Hwang Hyeondo’s brother-in-law, it still doesn’t make sense that other golden spoons would let Juntae lead Amikus instead of a chaebol heir.

  2. for a person who wanted to become rich he’s kinda meh
    Focus obtaining big sum of money
    Comeback to your original identity
    Viola! You got the girl you like too.
    Focus dude focus

      1. I think what happen was that in the future 5-7 yrs later the original lee Seung Cheon is left in the streets of Korea looking like some emo punk. If u noticed they were using such shitty old phones, and they mentioned the price of bitcoin going up, 10 yrs ago bitcoin was rlly low but now its high sooo

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