The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 12

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18 Comments to “The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 12

  1. Who really were the main actors in this drama? To be honest they were overpowered by the supporting characters. In addition, the series of events were too lame that somehow made me think this was written in such a haste. In as much as I love Lee Min Ho’s roles in most of his previous dramas, but I just couldn’t help thinking that this is by far not a one-of-a-kind to be considered best. The story is a crap. The connection between the leads was too weak and that their kissing scenes were merely insignificant and unnecessary. It’s disappointing knowing that it did not meet my level of satisfaction in contrast to others’ positive feedback on this drama.

    1. well idk, but it seems to me that you’re the one who’s watching the episodes with haste.. a lot of other people say they have amazing chemistry for one thing. as for the side characters.. i agree, they help add to the story! but anyway, you should rewatch this once it’s finished, and if you still think this way, maybe it’s just you?

  2. Also, my theory for the burning pain with lightning is that only those whose counterparts in the other world have died suffer from it. Lee Got, Lee Lim, and the other minor characters.. except for Jung Tae-Eul because Luna is alive. But if that theory is correct, then it means either Koo prime minister or her counterpart is dead… >.<

  3. It seems that the court lady left her hometown and never heard from it because she crossed over from the other world (that’s my guess)… But she crossed over when she was 16 years old, so that means it’s probably before Lee Lim started to move people around the two worlds. Honestly, she is old enough to be a living witness to a lot of history so perhaps, just perhaps, the secrets of the magic flute was known to the Kingdom from a long ago?

  4. I just had a theory, why some of the characters have a lightning scar.
    Maybe because thier doppelganger were killed unjustly ? idk

  5. She is fro Korea and a different time which makes her very old. That is why she never questions where he is going. With the time they have it is fickle as by his calculations the ports might soon close that is why he told her he will find someway to get to her and the urgency with him wanting her to make the decision to come be his Queen . But the puzzle is the kid with the yo-yo.

  6. now i think i know the reason where the scar come from , it’s because the other one of theirself already died like lee gon , lee rim. and tae eul didn’t get the scar because the other one of herself is still alive. it’s like a sign .

  7. Oh my the drama mystery is getting more and more intense. I don’t think I can Stand waiting a whole week for the next episode. Pls have happy ending ?? but the hints are showing its gonna be some sad split for them both, coz it seems it was really Lee gon of the future that visit jte with the flowers. And when time freeze when they’re about to take the pic, Lee gon was so sad that shows he knows their time is gonna end somehow. I hope he manage to find a way to solve the time space matter and they can somehow find a way to be together, no matter how unrealistic that is. And that kiss at the bedroom, soooo passionate and hot. It’s some of the most natural kissing I’ve seen on a kdrama??? Imagine to be kissed by lmh that way omg.
    I’ve got soo many questions but I’ll just ask this one for now coz I really wanna get some opinions. the last scene where the court lady ask that question to jte, is she hinting that she also came from the other world? Or she’s trying to test jte if she’s come Korea kingdom, coz I think the 2 Korea universe history began to divert from the time of the war, if I rmb correctly when Lee gon was studying the history of South Korea. Anybody got theories to explain this? Thanks!! This drama is becoming one of the best kdramas of 2020 I feel.

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