The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 16

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52 Comments to “The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 16

  1. This drama is so good. Initially it looks boring and very slow but in last you can understand the concept of drama. This drama shows happy ending but though you might feel unsatisfied, like me.

  2. kudos to the writer and the director,especially to the cast and most of all to my one and only lee gon,my king,my love,i hope they end the drama of them getting married in kingdom of Corea.ti think the fans would love that especially me ofcourse…im waiting for it…..

  3. I have finished the drama …I am really grateful that I have watched this drama .. it’s really good..this ending is so perfect it’s make me happy tears …The story was so awesome…u can’t understand until you finished the first I can’t understand anything it make my head hurts ?‍♀️..the writer remember alla cast and give them happy ending it’s so good… their love can make anyone better…lee min hoo how handsome he is … whole time I just waching him..the best part for me is when the king said ‘protect her she’s your future queen’ omg it’s really cool that part so much..and thank you so much dramacool for uploading it I can watch such a wonderful drama .. without u I can’t do anything…I am gonna miss this drama …miss them all too…

  4. nice story…ang totoo ang gulo sa una but you need to watch the whole episode para maintindihan talaga .I want season 2…iloveyou Lee Gon…

  5. I really really wanted a royal wedding… :’-( I know, all the ends are very nicely tied up. But still. I wish there had been a royal wedding. I mean, throughout the whole series, it’s like: will you be my queen? are you prepared to be his queen? and she just never answers and in the end she doesn’t even become queen. Come on! I’m so sad.

  6. Still they not married each other which i desire and have kids but its a happy ending and i love you both, hope for season 2

  7. Thank you for the constant effort DramaCool team. I am indeed surprised at how quick you upload the episodes and even the subtitles. I love you work.

  8. Glad for a happy ending but it’s kinda sad they can’t make it official in either of their worlds. But I guess it’s better to have found ur soulmate in life and be able to meet every weekend than not having them in ur life at all. Thank you for a wonderful journey the king! Gonna miss u. It was a great ride ???

  9. hmm so when lee gon and Jung Tae-eul always goes to past or future does it mean they are breaking the rules of time traveling? so maybe there counterpart now is suffering?. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  10. To me, it’s like ‘a #CrashLandingOnYou kind of closing’..Not the kind i was expecting though. It was a bit unfair that the ending was all good for all amiable characters—-except for the lead couple. Unlike CLOY’s Captain Ri & Seri’s annual 2-wk adventure, the fact that Gon & Ta-eul get to have have weekly rendezvous together, IS ALREADY A HUGE CONSOLATION to all the followers of this series… Still, there was no wedding, no one became queen & Lee Gon won’t have an heir to the throne….but hey, they get to travel through time together!
    That counts, right?

    Forget how the storyline evolved to the conclusion we know now, Lee Min-Ho’s first-rate acting has undeniably turned this drama into a massive hit. Oh & let’s not forget Kim Go-eu. & Woo Do-hwan’s notable performances too!

    If i’be asked if i will watch this series again? My answer would be a sound YES. All the heart fluttering scenes are worth binge watching. ❤️

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