The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 6

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31 Comments to “The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 6

  1. Objectively speaking, the prime minister would make a formidable queen, and she and the king would be an unstoppable force together.

  2. Am from Africa……when I started following kdrama and kpop I was 12 years old now am 17…..ihv found something grt in LMH he’s my favorite Korean actor I really love him…..ihv watched all his dramas it’s really nyc

  3. Why can’t I play the movie again? Help me solve the problem I’m facing.
    It’s stated there “SECURE CONNECTION FAILED”

  4. Tyis episode was so intense. LMH is a king…no joking. I came to see Kim Go Eun, but fall for LMH all over again. The only movie of him that re-watch is Faith so yeah, I have been falling out of love for quite some time for LMH.
    But damn his acting has never waiver. And I am not complaining having to see him in tailored attire.

    1. Watch city hunter, heir and boys before flower u will love him more and Kim Go Eun is a great actress in Goblin too

    2. Faith is the only drama of LMH that i have’nt seen yet all others i have seen more than twice….

      1. He is the general there. Powerful and fearless, and only afraid of one thing, that the girl will get hurt. He is no.1 person the emperor trust and his job is to protect the emperor, and yet they become such a best friend that even the emperor knew and understand that his chief bodyguard, LMH, priority is the girl not him, and the empror is ok with it.

        At first, I was repel seeing the main female character in red hair and all, but damn their chemistry is real. As real as that in Blue Sea. Put him with older senior female actresses and BOOM, intense.

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