The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 8

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14 Comments to “The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 8

  1. I am sorry for being dumb, but someone please explain. So what year is
    the Kingdom of Korea in and what year is Republic of Korea. The lady
    from the Kingdom got a newspaper with Donald Trump on it, which would
    mean the Republic of Korea is in the future, but then her mother said
    people don’t read newspapers nowadays. I know Taeul once asked if the the Kingdom is in 2019, but then why would there suddenly be a monarchy that she never heard of in the future.

    1. the two worlds are both in 2019 but in parallel worlds ..means both the two worlds are happening at same time but one have a monarchy system while the other one is presidential in korea.

  2. I have finished watching this episode 8 and, in my unprofessional opinion, but as a viewer!, it is a winner! The writer of this drama is brilliant and the actors give it life. Altogether, with the director, camera people, wardrobe, props, everyone, this is a winner of a Kdrama. Definitely a world standard…Oscar?!

  3. It would be great if other people will have some manners not to spoil each episode! Be considerate with others! Thank u!

    1. Yes! There are some manners in watching streaming or uploaded dramas. And, for most, the manners are “unspoken.” A reminder is always helpful.

      I confirm ReaderEnthusiast’s comments.

      Viewers; most know this, but there is always a newbie!

      Just know, that it is an unspoken “rule” in watching streaming or internet or web dramas…we don’t spoil each episode in the comments under that particular episode. We love to comment, too. But, never spoil it for the other viewers. Make your comments an episode further on.

  4. *I know that SinJae is from the other world where Lee Gon and Yeong is the kingdom of corea. He drew the flower logo on his notebook of the kingdom of Corea in episode one or two I think.

  5. I cant watch all the server links? it was okay few days ago..what happened? Did anyone has the same problem?

    1. *I know that SinJae is from the other world though. He drew the flower logo on his notebook of the kingdom of Corea in episode one or two I think.

    2. isn’t it better like that, we don’t have anything spoiling us about what is going to happen and that makes us excited

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