The King of Blaze


Chinese drama “the King of Blaze” tells the story of the Fire God Zhong Tian and the Wind God Qian Mei, who risk their lives to save their homeland, and their impossible love.

Thousands of years ago there was a beautiful planet where the deities lived. Among them were six powerful gods inclduing the God of Fire, God of Wind who maintained peace in the planet. During a brutal battle with the dark forces, they were dealt a crushing blow. Qian Mei, the Wind God, disappears after the rescuing Zhong Tian, ​​the Fire God. To find an alternative energy source to save their planet, Zhong Tian travels to the Tang Dynasty. There he meets a soothsayer Feng Jian, who looks exactly like his long-lost love Qian Mei. Who is she and will Wind fulfill his mission of saving his homeland?

Also known as:火王之破晓之战 / Huo Wang Zhi Po Xiao Zhi Zhan / 电视剧火王 / Dian Shi Ju Huo Wang


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9 Replies to “The King of Blaze

  1. I like this drama. It is full of action and suspense and the storyline is well defined. The story where the immortal world is crumbling because of the war between the winged clan and immortals causes their planet to crumble and they look for other planet as a new source energy to restore their planet. The love story also between the protagonists is so amazing…

  2. Love this drama.the plot development is very well planned with quick interchanges of scenes.the season one and season two are intertwined with the past and present plot.Love the chemistry of the 2main cast
    Hoping for a good ending

  3. Review episode 41
    After the car accident to save Wang de li,tong feng lost her.memories .her Shi citing brought her to Ireland to begin their new lives and planned to get marry
    Meanwhile lin ye thought tong feng was dead.But he has to go to Ireland to look for another professor to help in his research.over there he met Elle, Shi xiong’s half sister who coincidentally was the late professor’s daughter.Elle agreed to pass.her late dad’s research papers to lin ye.she was also interested in lin ye
    Lei hao came to Ireland to escape from yong qian.lin ye wanted.him to start the research work
    Ow lin,lin ye’s secretary was still working undercover for di yin
    Shi xiong took great care to cover tong feng’s news from lin ye tong feng’s portrait from the art gallery
    But it was Elle who asked tong feng to accompany her to restaurant to pass the research papers of her dad to lin ye THAT LIN YE FINALLY MET TONG FENG

    COMMENTS as a view this episode was a very.anxious and heart thumping episode not knowing the lovers can meet again

  4. First of all if you are thinking of watching this drama, you definitly should.
    I started watching this just for the genre and there was nothing worthwhile for me. At first, it was okay. There was Gods and then historical theme, fights, cool powers, so I kept on then the season one ends and wham! The season two is there with a wirlwind. The main actor has gone and done a 180. It came from mediocre to superb.
    Since I think spoilers do spoil the drama for the next one watching this I would say, be patient, and give it a go, you won’t be dissapointed. Enjoy!

  5. In episode 51 wei yong qiao on learning tong feng had a misunderstanding with lin ye cos tong feng felt lin ye was having secrets from.her.yong qiao reminded tong feng that even if lin ye was from another planet there was no doubt on his true feelings for her

    Just waiting for tong feng to quickly recover her memories.
    Already stretched on a few episodes

  6. Lin ye was losing his power on earth.he knew his time was limited.tong feng wanted to spend as much time as possible with him.tong feng told lin ye to do what was his mission and not to change due to her.she stressed she would wait for lin ye no matter how long to return to her.It was a touching moments as the lovers knew departure was inevitable
    Di yun already activated his plans.
    So let’s see how the battle in the last 2 episodes
    Hopefully yong qian and lei yao will have good ending
    Also that for tong feng and lin ye

  7. Just finished the whole drama.Last few episodes were very exciting and DRAMATIC.The plot development moved very very fast
    Cheers to all lovers who were REUNITED
    Thanks for the memories of Chen bolin and jing tian

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