The Legend of Kunlun (2022)


“Kunlun Ruins” tells the story that Zhang Wen Feng, a descendant of the Faqiu lineage, had to embark on a vicious tomb journey with his partners Jia Luban and Zhong Ling in order to find the truth about his father’s disappearance during the Republic of China.

Director: Hai Tao [海濤]

Also known as: 发丘天官:昆仑墟 發丘天官:崑崙墟 天地寶藏:崑崙墟 天地宝藏:昆仑墟 發丘天棺:崑崙墟 发丘天棺:昆仑墟 Kun Lun Xu Faqiu: The Lost Legend The Legend of Kun Lun Куньлуньская легенда


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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The Legend of Kunlun (2022) trailer

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