The Miracle of Teddy Bear (2022)


Taohu is a giant white teddy bear and has been Nat’s object of comfort for ten years. However, he isn’t an ordinary teddy bear, he has the ability to communicate with other objects and items in the house. One day, unbeknownst to Nat, the teddy bear was miraculously turned into a young man, however, that young man can’t remember anything about himself. Taohu tried to find his own background, but everything became complicated when he found out that his background was connected to the dark secrets of his owner’s family. He had to hurry because his time as a human is running out and he wanted to discover the secrets of his background so much, but he also wanted to be closer to the person he loved the most. Will Taohu be able to find the answers to his questions and reveal all the secrets he wishes to know? And would there be another miracle that may allow him to fulfill his wish?

Adapted from the novel “Khun Mee Pa Ti Harn” by Prad.

Original Network: Channel 3;

Director: Paajaew Yuthana Lorphanpaibul [ยุทธนา ลอพันธุ์ไพบูลย์]

Also known as: คุณหมีปาฏิหาริย์ Khun Mee Pa Ti Harn Teddy Bear Miracle


Status: Upcoming

Release Year:

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5 Comments to “The Miracle of Teddy Bear (2022)

  1. I honestly don’t think the ending is fair tofu came into nut’s life and made it so much better while he was going through a hard time and then once he dies and tarn wakes up from the coma he starts going out with him? I understand tofu will always have a special place in nut’s heart but he should at least wait a little to go out with tarn. I know nut still has feelings for tarn but to me it’s unfair to tofu i feel bad for tofu. The ending didn’t go as i planned it would but i can’t do anything about that. Thank you all the actors for their hard work. The way tofu died had me sobbing too ?

  2. What a horrible twist to the story.. I was just getting to like it. May be that was a point of the script writer. The one who actually loved Nut dies while the guy who didn’t make an effort to stay in touch even lives. Message “True love and honesty has no place in the world. It’s was an absolute waste of my time and data.

  3. 2 episodes in and I just can’t stand Nut as a character. At present, I’m watching for Tofu’s storyline, with a vague hope that Nut will get over himself one day. Honestly though, with the way he verbally and physically abuses everyone around him, I can’t see myself liking him any time soon. For me, at the moment he’s right up there on the douche meter, along with Teh (ITSAY & IPYTM), Ton (Tonhon Chonlatee), and Khai (Theory of Love). Intolerable, self-important jackass.

    That said, I’m loving everything else about this series. The mystery and fantasy are done great, the cinematography is lovely, and the actors are wonderful. (Yes, even Nut’s actor – who’s made me sincerely dislike his character through a brilliant portrayal). The bubbly, comedic front and the lighthearted premise are a great distraction from the real depth of the story, which is being slowly revealed. This BL has a lot more depth than I ever expected, and I’m here for what I’m sure will be tears, frustration, and laughter.

    Also? Tofu is baby. I want to fold him into my pocket to keep him safe from the world.

    1. I hate Nut the moment he laid a hand on Tofu. IRL that’s someone to watch out for. The chance of domestic abuse is high with these types of hotheads.
      Tofu is still a child mentally. His unconditional love towards Nut is somehow disturbing to me, like a beaten pup emotionally attached to his owner.

      I’d also like to add Win (Cupid’s Last Wish) to that list. Absolutely insufferable ^3^;)

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