The Nokdu Flower


The story of two stepbrothers fighting on opposite sides in the battle of Utymthi during the the Donghak Peasant Revolution (1894-1895). Baek Yi Kang (Jo Jung Suk) and Baek Yi Hyun (Yoon Shi Yoon) are stepbrothers from different mothers, but same father, a wealthy civil servant. Yi Kang is the first son, but he was born out of wedlock as the son of a servant of his father’s legitimate wife, and people look down on him. His half brother, Yi Hyun, unlike him, has the legal right to inherit. Yi Hyun is smart, goodlooking and has received a good education in Japan. Meanwhile, Song Ja In(Han Ye Ri) is the only daughter of a large peddlers group owner. She is courageous, intelligent, and has charisma. She runs her own business and dreams of becoming the best merchant in Joseon.

Airs from 04/26/2019 on Fridays and Saturdays at 10:00

Also known as:녹두 꽃 / Green Bean Flower / Nokdoo Kkot / Nokdu Flower / Nokdu Kkot: Saram / Haneulyi Dweda


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The Nokdu Flower trailer


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