The One and Only (2021) Episode 3

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18 Comments to “The One and Only (2021) Episode 3

  1. not the childhood connection AGAING OMGGGGGGGGGG SO SICK OF IT. I dont like the FL too. Selfish , capable of blaming it all on the ML who is living, and there so many ways she could’ve handled it instead of murder. Not cool at all.

    1. Completely disagree! Female lead finally did something after being locked up in her thoughts for her whole life. The childhood trope seems different in this show. He fell in love with her before he found out. In love with this show already and ready to cry my eyes out for the next few weeks.

    2. I can see that you’re too young for this. go watch other drama or show if you don’t like this one 🙂 I suggest “Pororo the Little Penguin” I bet you’ll love it XD

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