The One and Only (2021) Episode 5

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10 Comments to “The One and Only (2021) Episode 5

  1. I’d just like to leave a note thanking the subbers for their hard work. Yes, this is a Monday/Tuesday drama, but since it gets subbed at the end of the week, that’s when I watch it. The entitlement in these comments is so uncalled for. Go read a book or something while you wait. There are also plenty of other subbed dramas ready to watch. It’s been less than a week since we’ve all seen the last episodes subbed. Just consider it a Friday drama! We’re all lucky this site even puts up subbed dramas and they are way nicer than I would be after reading such demanding comments. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  2. the people working on subtitles work really hard to provide you with those subs. instead of appreciating their work, you keep complaining and condemning them. that’s very rude of you people. the people working on subtitles do it mostly as volunteers, and they’re not your slaves. so you better show them respect.

  3. I noticed with this drama and a couple others they dont seem to get subtitles until its close to when it get uploaded on viki….could be why the long wait.

    1. keep on nagging – I would hurry to do subtitles if some slob keep on nagging and nagging and nagging. The swearing would also make me especially want to hurry – just to make you happy.

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