The Second Husband (2021) Episode 124

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3 Comments to “The Second Husband (2021) Episode 124

  1. I am still waiting how JG and her real mom will find each other. All SH actions are so lame, like she don’t think before she acts. Either she is bipolar, vengeful, or smart and savvy. The writer has to decide what is her real personality…or will she kept acting stupid? The actors in this drama are great but I kind of feel sorry for them that they have to perform lame personification based on the writer’s story. Either there was a full story board or they just kept adding scripts based on what the writer feels on that day. JM, JG, JG’s mom, Moon’s mom, and Daekook are the only people who seems to have a direct path in portraying …either they are evil or good. SH character is either brainless or stupid wit who is trying to be evil but doing a victim act. Feel so sorry for the actors really… the write must decide what they really want to happen…

  2. WHY…when pushing someone out of the way of an approaching vehicle…does the person doing the pushing STOP in front of the vehicle INSTEAD of pushing the person out of the way while running out of the way too? GO FIGURE!!

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