The Second Husband (2021) Episode 132

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8 Comments to “The Second Husband (2021) Episode 132

  1. Right! I want to know where episode 133 is. It’s not even on the kocowa site! I’m mad bc It’s been a long time since we were able to watch new episodes. I HATE THE INCONSISTENCY:(

  2. Ive been watching this drama since day 1 andI seriously dont understand why they always have this problem of airing new episodes? ??

  3. There are 3 characters who have a mole behind the ear right? Then maybe from the potential parents of Jae Gyeong, one of them might actually be an uncle/aunt of Jae Gyeong instead? Bok Soon says Seo Jun’s Dad died in a car accident and his sister died from an illness too. So is Seo Jun’s sister Jae Gyeong or not? There’s a missing link somewhere as it still doesn’t add up. And having a family of 3 people with a mole behind the ear is kinda overkill.

    1. reply to woahyeah,i know what you mean i though it will be bok soon who has a mole behind the ear and baby jae geoung was snatch when she was a baby???

      1. @florida
        There are 3 people who have a mole behind the ear:
        Bok Soon, Duk Gu (Man that needs liver), Jae Gyeong.
        There is a possibility that Bok Soon and Duk Gu aren’t lovers but siblings instead.
        A family who all have a mole behind the ears is kinda ridiculous also Jae Min’s parents still need to be revealed.
        Just my opinion.

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