The Secret Life of My Secretary


“Hitting on the Blind Boss” (Seducing the blind boss) is a rom-com about the love story between a arrogant man who doesn’t even respect his parents and his hot-tempered secretary who falls in love with him while deceiving him. Do Min Yik (Kim Young Kwang) is a arrogant, cold-hearted man who has facial recognition disorder after being attacked. His secretary Jung Gal Hee (Jin Ki Joo) is a lively, short-tempered woman. The two fall in love on a blind date where Jin Ki Joo pretends to be the heiress of K Group.

Also known as:Nun Meon Boseu Ggosigi , How to Train Your Blind Boss , I Love You From The Beginning 눈 먼 보스 꼬시기 How to Train Your Blind Boss


Status: Completed

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28 Replies to “The Secret Life of My Secretary

  1. Im very thankful or let say im happy on this site but please if you can,can you finish to continue some the other drama or series are not finish ot complete it even posted 2yrs.ago or posted 3or 5months ago until now are not finish or theres no continue..

  2. I wasn’t at first too sold during the first few episodes. I thought it was rushed and the plot seemed less intriguing. However, I wanted to see if there would be any improvements. Fortunately, the sudden twist got better and the main leads grew on me. And I still can’t get over the ‘VeRRRRonica PaRRk speaking’. It’s so amusing that I want to at least hear it in each episode.

  3. I don’t know why but the 2nd lead romance is more interesting to me.. I still don’t get why Do min Ik is going back n forth with his feelings for jeongBiso.. And how can JeongBiso can accept the fact that DoMinIk is actually liking her bcoz she was someone else.. I personally will find that off putting…

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