The Sound of Magic (2022) Episode 6

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34 Comments to “The Sound of Magic (2022) Episode 6

  1. I also dont want to grow up.I just want to stay happy and lead a simple life.but the reality is really harsh and sometimes I feel so breathless that I just want this nightmare to end.It became worst in this admission season

  2. Why did this happen…
    Why did it end like that………
    It’s worth watching…
    Why did they done this with us by ending it like this…

    But I love this show very much…
    Everyone was amazing …..
    And it is also different from other dramas.
    Hope that there will be season 2…
    And again a lot of love for this drama ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💞💕

  3. Idk but I think there’s a really important lesson that we all should learn from this series , just look at the world rn. Are we any less than slaves ? Right after we are born , we go to school, than we gotta find a job and most of the time we are not happy. Happiness is temporary in this world. Why are we here in this world? Just live like this and then die? What will happens to us after death? What’s our purpose in this world? And the only thing that answers these questions is believing in God. And worshiping the One and Only True God is the only purpose of this life.

    1. Allah is the one and only God and after death our deeds will be compared with our bad deed in the hereafter and the one and these deeds will be our ranking in heaven/paradise the more higher ranking the more bigger and better the place for you

  4. 😭😭👏👏👏👏thank you for creating this drama 🫶🤝🤝 I love it

  5. GAWD… I love this very much TT/////^/////TT
    I think this just became my favorite drama, goodness…
    Please tell me, how can I stop my tears from falling?
    I’m sad it’s finished, I’m craving for more…
    I want to know what happened to him too but a sequel looks unlikely as it will ruin the bitter-sweet ending OTL.
    I’ll just cry in the corner and hope a lot of fanfics will be written regarding this >o<

  6. GUYS THERES SOMETHING AT THE END OF THE LAST EPS SONDONT CLICK AWAY JUST YET (and no I don’t mean ah yi saying Do you believe in magic, her and the Il neung sing together on stage)

    1. youre inlove with him now?? ive been inlove with him the first time i saw him n uk when was that it was when he first strarted acting (dont get me wrong i dont mean anything bad)

  7. I’m in loveeee with this drama!! It became one of my fav of all time. I lowkey cried when ji chan wook
    disappeared like thatt 🙁
    I realllllly hope they make a season two!!
    Also thanks for uploading this!<3

  8. Why it is taking so long time to download even I am using my high speed wifi? It might take one hour to download one episode also.

  9. Its a great series the ending is a bit boring but overall its worth watching 🙂
    “Do you believe in magic”

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