The Third Charm


A romantic comedy tells a 12-year love story between two individuals with completely different personalities.

On Jun Yong (Seo Kang Joon) is a nerdy university student who doesn’t care for fasion and wears plain clothes and glasses. He is very meticulous and sensitive, always plans out everything in advance and overthinks things. During a blind date, he meets noisy, expressive Lee Yong Jae, and they start dating.

Lee Yong Jae (Esom) is almost the exact opposite of Jun Yong when it comes to personality traits. She a is spontaneous, emotional and somewhat daring girl who had to go through a difficult childhood, as she and her older brother grew up without parents. At the age of 20, an ambitious and hardworking Lee Young Jae wants to get rich, so she refuses to attend university and starts working as an assistant at a hairdresser.

Also known as:제3의 매력


Status: Completed

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15 Comments to “The Third Charm

  1. First few episodes was good, but the mid to last episode was annoying that makes me so disappointed. I thought i could add this drama to my “to watch again list” but nah. All the casts was awesome and i love them, just the ending story part i can’t sleep after watching it. I regret watching all episodes without reading the comments. Why end it like that T_T so brutal to the main characters, this is terrifying a horror genre.

  2. I have watched many dramas, this is worst drama, with some meaningless story. Highly do not watch. Otherwise u will feel like baning your head in the wall.

  3. Watched 6 episodes, such a wonderful drama and a great cast! The leads are so beutiful and the chemistry between them is lovely!

  4. Although there’s only 4 episodes, I can’t refrain from commenting. What a sweet, warm drama full of romance! I like that when they met after 7 years, the romantic moments between them are very pleasing – they look so goog together in it. And the look of Kang Joon gives Esom!!! Yes, for that look I’m willing to die !!!) Kisses – a separate topic! If the first episodes are like this, then what will happen next? But for now, I like everything. Watch it, you will not regret ?

  5. So Kang Joon is a charming nerd so cute) I watched 2 episodes and I like it, couldn’t wait for the next episodes) Hurry)

    1. Me too so glad for Kang Joon! I loved his acting so much in”Cheese in the trap” and “Are you a man too?”…Couldn’t wait to see him in the new role. Cheers! More dramas with Kang Joon

  6. What a harvest year for Kang Joon! This is his third drama in a row and in such a short time. Happy for him ?

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