The Uncanny Counter (2020) Episode 10

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13 Comments to “The Uncanny Counter (2020) Episode 10

  1. i just don’t get that judgement of the yang people
    the counters have to protect them if someone attack them even if it’s a human
    so mun protected himself from the bullies, ms.cha protected them from that drug addicted guy and hana protected her from those bullies. they can’t just stand there and get beaten by those bad people even if they are human. I just don’t get why yang people counted those as a warning
    whatever i just love the drama

  2. So they can heal people with evil spirits and erase the memories so why can’t they let him keep his healed legs while erasing his memories their understanding is whack

    1. they were only able to heal his leg bcos he was a counter that time. they can’t do that if he’s just a mere civilian stoopid u should try to pay attention more to what you’re watching

  3. The yang people are so unreasonable, so they shouldn’t feel any emotions whatsoever, and they should stay still while they are being bullied, injured and hurt simply because it’s not an evil spirit doing it? Just made the whole story now very absurd and the yang people, Selfish, greedy and dictators. These people didn’t choose to be Counters and yet they live their lives for your own selfish goals and purpose… Just making me hate the drama and think it was probably not worth the hype. Ha-na 4 warnings really?

    1. awwww you must be a kdrama newbie, that’s what they do here kid. They are supposed to make the audience’s blood boil and make your emotions go wild. You think they are stupid enough to make the yang people unreasonable just because they want to? No, it’s supposed to go with the storyline. Everything has a reason on why they are added to the plot. And one more thing, actually, the counters did have a choice on whether to accept the offer (being a counter) or not. But yea, the yang people are really getting on my nerves with their stupidity and greed.

  4. Omgggg I want to curse the heaven so bad wtfff that so dangerous to give and take just like that. If something happen to ms cha it’s all the heaven fault wtf

  5. Those heaven people are not really helpful
    Sitting there enjoy people do the job
    If they can give people strenght then they can take strenght of the evil too
    The scenario really lack of strenght for convincing

  6. There are still no subs for EP10. Fix it, Dramacool! With the millions of ads and viruses scattered all over this site that we have to deal with, the least you could do is to provide subbed episodes reasonably early. It’s not too much to ask!

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