The Wolf (2020)


At the end of the Tang era, warlord Zhu Wen usurped the throne and founded the state of Late Liang.
Once he saved a boy who fell off a cliff trying to save the wolf cubs. Zhu Wen adopted him and gave him the name Zhu You Wen. Despite his lofty status, Zhu You Wen is motivated by a strong sense of justice that was instilled in him during his years of living in the wild.

10 years later, having received the title of Prince Bo, Zhu You Wen fell in love with Zhaixing, the daughter of a a government official. Zhaixing found that he was kind and fair, despite his high status. Together they were drawn into a power struggle.

Although not considered a sequel, it is the second part of the prince stories after Lan Lin Wang (the dramas have the same executive producer).

Total Episodes: 48

Also Known as: 狼殿下/Lang Dian Xia , The Majesty of Wolf, The Wolf


Status: Upcoming

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    1. No sure date yet, been two years of waiting already. Some rumors say August 2020…. but like I said, people been waiting since 2017

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