The Wolf (2020)


At the end of the Tang era, warlord Zhu Wen usurped the throne and founded the state of Late Liang.
Once he saved a boy who fell off a cliff trying to save the wolf cubs. Zhu Wen adopted him and gave him the name Zhu You Wen. Despite his lofty status, Zhu You Wen is motivated by a strong sense of justice that was instilled in him during his years of living in the wild.

10 years later, having received the title of Prince Bo, Zhu You Wen fell in love with Zhaixing, the daughter of a a government official. Zhaixing found that he was kind and fair, despite his high status. Together they were drawn into a power struggle.

Although not considered a sequel, it is the second part of the prince stories after Lan Lin Wang (the dramas have the same executive producer).

Total Episodes: 48

Also Known as: 狼殿下/Lang Dian Xia , The Majesty of Wolf, The Wolf


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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  1. Seen all. 7.5/10.
    Great film. I feel as it gets to three quarters of the way …plot weakens. Wolf’s personality is almost bipolar sporadically…he loves her he doesnt he loves her he doesnt. ..all the while this drives his lead star kinda crazy. Villains that shouldn’t be in there (chick in a cage) and some episodes felt like it was only made to fill in the gaps. Best part would be the action and fighting scenes. ..cos Wolf was absolutely unbeatable. ..and romantic parts were when they were both sane, happy and together. Overall, Darren Wang handsome and awesome actor. .especially when it comes to superhero like figures, Princess Zhaixing …really pretty but her personality in film. .naive, clingy, bipolar, selfless …could have been made a bit more consistent. At times when shes whiny become irritating and makes her look childish and unsure of herself. At very end, she becomes a different person. ..but throughout film unstable personality. ..ending could have been better. ..sit through all 49 episodes for an ending like that? Almost like they evolved (both) throughout film and at end, left helplesss. I cant stop thinking that it was that chick in cage that must have done something to them to affect their wellbeing and health ..couldnt really understand her role in film, unless it was to hurt them in the end. Would recommend for others to watch 3.5 ★ out of 5 ❤

  2. this was a masterpiece.I watched this amazing serial in 2020 and now is almost 2022…. I am thinking abt this because it was amazing.JUST WATCH IT IF U DIDN T WATCH THIS AMAZING SERIAL

  3. Darren Wang was mesmerising in every scene, fantastic drama. Hope to see more if Darren in productions similar to this one. Brilliant actor.

  4. i came here for zhan zhan nd loving the plot…though still watching for more than zhan scenes…but damnn darren nailed in both innocent nd ruthless role.. really no one can tell he is wolf boy..waiting for sub

  5. I’ve watched it in two nights. All the 49 episodes. Ost is unbelievebale. And where is the happyending? In the description stands, that” After going through many trials and tribulations, the two finally had their own happiness”. Did I miss this “their own happiness”? Waht the f…?

    1. Lan Lin Wang also ended sadly and I think “wrongly” for a Cdrama. So, this one ends unhappily, too?: I’m not going to watch it, then. Disappointing. I love historical, romance, happy romance, wuxia and a dash of fantasy to escape into! It’s a drama for Pete’s sake, allow some happy endings, please!

  6. awaiting for the release for quite sometime. hopefully it will be shown soon before all Li Qin’s shows get piled up and will never shown at all. Likewise, Tears in Heaven. I don’t understand why a drama has to be filmed without the schedule of showing or releasing. Yet ads is all over social media for support while filming, people are full of teasers but has to wait for years. I start understanding that this is how Entertainment industry in China. It requires patience, resilience and perseverance on everything.

    1. 2100 when we will not be on this earth. but fortunately male and female lead will still be living.
      the slogan will be ‘ enjoy this series prepared by your grandpas and grandmas. thank you”

    1. No sure date yet, been two years of waiting already. Some rumors say August 2020…. but like I said, people been waiting since 2017

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