The World of the Married Episode 2

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17 Comments to “The World of the Married Episode 2

  1. i can really relate to the story, it seems like its my life story, but that was 16 years ago, i just cant stop being emotional watching it how painful it is, for what i have been through, the thing now is with my Ex we become friends for the good of our children,

  2. Great drama so far which is exploring the deep hurt, mixed and complex emotions of the impact of extra marital affair. The actors are just brilliant! I’m so looking forward to next episodes!

  3. I’ve just finished watching 2 seasons of Doctor Foster, just to see what kind of outcome this drama will have. Doctor Foster was just mental man making her wife mental which makes their son mental. And mental people just keep attacking & ruining each other’s life.
    And this drama is so good & so close to real life. I really wish they would keep going with it, not follow the original series’ mental ridiculiousness.
    The original series is also very short. I wonder how this drama will keep dragging the storyline to ep 16.

  4. WTF The wife is way too kind… I would have chopped off the girl’s hair when I had the chance.

    But I kind of understand why she doesn’t just show the pic to her husband that she actually knows. She wanted to see her husband’s reaction. Human is a funny living creature, we continue to push ourselves to see our own limits

  5. the husband doesnt want to get divorce..he just want to keep both.. such an as*****e and manipulative person. Love x3 this drama. Hope the wife will put sweet revenge in the end. Cant wait for next episodes. Cheers everyone it just a drama 😉

  6. I don’t know who says the wife is stupid but they clearly are not understanding that different people can choose different outcomes for themselves. Things can happen in a marriage. She says she wants him to choose, it’s because she loves him and is willing to forgive him. She would be stupid if she let him keep his sidechick. It takes a string person to.walk away and an even stronger person to forgive.
    Secondly, this is only ep2 like bruh, chill she may decide at the end of it that she’s about.done with the whole thing.

  7. STUPID HUSBAND. STUPID WIFE. JUST DIVORCE YOUR FUCKING HUSBAND. why the fuck the wife wants to live in an unhappy life. ughhhhh

    1. I thougt u are not married yet. Divorce is not easy for a couple who has children and married for years. Some woman forgive their husband although they cheat with other woman and give a chance to them for build their marrige again. and it happend in the real life.

    2. I guess you don’t know why she didn’t divorce her husband. in Korea the divorce was divided into 3 types. one of them is if one partner is caught having an affair, they can’t get divorced unless their partner divorces them . and I think his wife doesn’t want him to be happy after divorce. because basically divorce is what the husband wants

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