The World of the Married


Based off the popular British show called “Doctor Foster”.

Ji Sun Woo is a successful doctor and also a married woman. Her husband is Lee Tae Oh with whom she has a son. Lee Tae Oh is an aspiring film director and currently owns a fairly successful business. Their lives changes forever when he gets into an unwanted relationship.

Find out what happens to this family.

Airing on: Mar 27, 2020

Also known as: 부부의 세계, Bubuui Segye , The World of a Married Couple , The World of Husband and Wife , The Couple’s World , Couple’s World , World of Couples , The World of Couples , The World of the Couple , A Married Couple’s World , Boobooui Sekye , The Married Life , A World of Married Couple


Status: Completed

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50 Comments to “The World of the Married

  1. this is a very gud drama. it shows woman empowerment and also the bitterness and heartache Dr. Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh have for each other. This is a must watched k-drama, even this quarantine. saranghae Kim Hee Ae! ~~~
    luv lots from the Philippines! kaway-kaway naman jaan <3

  2. I can’t believe next week is the end of this drama! I don’t want it to happen… it really helped me through this quarantine

  3. In the original, doctor foster and her ex eventually sleep with each other once again!! I hope this will happen here too, because that was good drama and I want Dakyung to be pissed off!! Also I’m very sorry but I kind of dislike the son right now, why does he hates his mother so much! Also that ob/gyn “friend” is so mean! I think that is better character than just wanting to be with the ex-husband like in the original (or at least in the french version that was the case)

      1. If I remember correctly in the original it’s kind of a sad ending because of the son…

  4. i love it……bt i dont want sad ending to torment my mind……..i just want happy ending at last. plz plz

  5. Can you please advise if Dr. Kim on the original drama (Dr. Foster) will betray Sun Woo? I can’t think clearly in such many plot twist scene on the drama, really really sick

  6. This drama has 10/10?????✨….m In ep 9 n i can’t get enuf of it…it completely depicts the very lives of married couples n those wannabe married but is unsure of their partners…I’m impressed, mesmerised and out of words for the drama….you want drama. You’ll get it in WORLD OF THE MARRIED..Sun Woo performance outruns everyone else…I love the she Bear..

    1. status for this drama is Ongoing.. so it means just start airing in Korea as well.. so we need to wait and just can watch for 2 ep per week..

    1. status ongoing.. so its mean that this drama just starting airing in korea as well.. need to wait 2 ep per week

  7. So just finish watching episode 7, i already watch doctor foster version, and yes, the husband is still obsessed with the ex wife like the original version
    This drama is anada leva
    In this drama the most heartbreaking thing is seeing Joon Young become bitter because of his parents, if he’s old enough to understand, probably it will not cause damage to his mental health
    I hope Joon Young doesn’t ended up like Tom leaving his mom and dad after all the chaos

  8. Now thats how you drop a bomb on the situation!!
    This drama and its pace are the best
    Right from the get go your caught up and swept along with Ji Soo Won throwing all caution to the wind and taking no prisoners
    Tae and Da Kyung, ha! Soo Won made mincemeat out of those peasants and her husband has the cheek to be upset? Seriously

    Im an avid watcher here in New Zealand
    Kudos the script writers and directors
    I look forward to seeing the awards this drama will surely win in the future!!

  9. I think im doing ok with controlling my emotion after watching VIP, it was so hard back then when i first watched this genre, even tho it seems like this drama will be more complicated. Looking forward to watch it …

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