To All Guys Who Loved Me


“The Man is That Man” is a rom-com about a woman who decides to be single after getting hurt from past relationships and a man who wants to change his relationship with this woman through love.

Also known as: 놈이 그놈이다 Nomi Geunomida Geunomei Geunomida That Guy Is That Guy He Is Him They’re All the Same The Guy is That Guy He is He Men Are Men/ The Man is That Mann


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Jul 13, 2020

Genres: , , ,

Starring: , , , , , ,

20 Comments to “To All Guys Who Loved Me

  1. I’m personally feeling too frustraded with the latest episodes. Seriously. A lot of people talking about the drama being good. And Im watching only because out of stunborness. I enjoyed at the beginning. It had some fun. But…wtf happened? Is lacking passion, Is lacking assertivity. The characteres are being so dull now. Doesn’t seem the same drama from the beginning The drama started as rom-com, then got dragged into a too much drama and suspense. And not a good developed suspense, cause we (viewers) know what is happening but the characters don’t and keep doing stupid choices. But what I don’t like the most is that they are tryiong to give a image of a strong love…due the past lifes and etc…but they sacrifice they’re hapiness so easy. Moments that they could be happy, they sacrifice being stupidly sad. They don’t try to explain things to each other. And to face the problems together. There is no sense of cumplicity.It gets on my nerves really!! They almost don’t talk about the important things. I am so angry.

    1. Yes i m glad someone said this ya. Idk what went wrong but i personally feel disappointed as they have simplified the story line. I mean its just obvious whats going to happen, the base just lacked somewhere. The parents were the only thing i liked they were funny. Overall the drama is just simpler in terms of romance n mystery. The acting was good too. 🙂 jung eum is perfect.

  2. Very nice starting for the two first episode. Expecting more on the next episode. rooting for the handsome CEO. =)

  3. didnt expect much. but omg itss really really good one!!.. haha,. . refreshing n amusing .
    the seo jihoon and yoon heon in .good to see the pair again.waitin for next wk.

    1. agree, excellent acting from all female & male cast, directing & script👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼can’t wait for ep.11! heartache till that psycho lady disappear

  4. DAEBAK!!! No wonder this got the highest rating during its pilot episodes! Watch and you’ll feel what I’m saying here!

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