Tomorrow (2022) Episode 8

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11 Comments to “Tomorrow (2022) Episode 8

  1. I really am not liking Joon Woong’s character at all. He is a half human and half grim reaper and I think he tends to forget the fact that he is indeed a human as well. He always creates some troubles even when his seniors try to aware him. It indeed is good to stop criminals but I think that really breaks the balance between Land of Living and afterlife because as our Goo Ryeon says, that it is the problem of human and they are the ones to handle it. I don’t know why he is not being able to get that considering he is a grown adult and not only this time but every time like when he is told to not touch anything, he does the complete opposite. The character is immature and unnecessarily loud. This was the boring epi of all.

  2. I don’t really like the fact that in dramas, they respect the ones who is younger than them(I mean I respect all people at any age but I just don’t really think that…uhhhhh, idk!!!)

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