Top 27 New K-Dramas to Watch in 2023

K-dramas have taken the world by storm and the trend just keeps growing. Hits like “Crash Landing On You” (2019) and “Squid Game” (2021) have propelled their popularity to new heights. And the K-drama industry isn’t slowing down one bit – they kept the momentum going in 2022 with a diverse range of captivating content, from office rom-coms like “Business Proposal” (2022) to the zombie horror show “All of Us Are Dead” (2022).

So, what’s next for K-dramas in 2023? We’ve got you covered with our list of the most highly anticipated dramas to watch this year. Get ready to binge-watch some of the best stories from the land of K-dramas!

1. Our Blooming Youth (2023)

Min Jae Yi, from a wealthy background, is betrothed to the son of the Second State Councillor. However, before her nuptials, her family is killed and she is blamed for the crime. Her prospects appear grim until she meets the isolated crown prince, Lee Hwan. He agrees to rescue her, but only if she helps lift his curse. Together, they embark on a journey of love and face challenges, such as Jae Yi’s past as a murder suspect and Lee Hwan’s cursed fate.

2. Taxi Driver Season 2 (2023)

“Taxi Driver,” the hit K-drama, is back with its second season on SBS, following the tremendous success of season 1. Led by Lee Je-hoon, the show will delve deeper into mysterious cases and the relationships between Do-Gi and the Rainbow Company crew with the Korean legal department.

New cast members include Pyo Ye-jin, Kim Eui-sung, Jang Hyuk-jin, Bae Yoo-Ram, Shin Jae-ha, and more. The script is written by Oh Sang-Ho and directed by Lee Dan.

“Taxi Driver” season 2 is one of the most eagerly awaited K-dramas of February 2023.

3. The Glory Season 2 (2023)

“The Glory,” written by hit writer Kim Eun Sook and released in December, is a story about a former victim of school violence who seeks revenge on her bullies by becoming their children’s teacher. Starring Song Hye Kyo as Moon Dong Eun and Lee Do Hyun as Joo Yeo Jeong, the drama also features Yeom Hye Ran, Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, among others. Part 2, set to release in March 2023, will show the downfall of the school violence perpetrators led by Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon) as they fall into Dong Eun’s trap.

4. Gyeongseong Creature (2023)

Set in the dark times of Spring 1945, “Gyeongseong Creature” is a thriller about two young adults who face off against a creature born from human greed and fight for survival. It will be written by Kang Eun Kyung of the “Dr. Romantic” series and directed by Jung Dong Yoon of “Stove League.”

5. Dr. Romantic Season 3 (2023)

“Dr. Romantic” is a drama about realistic doctors at a rural hospital. The cast, including Han Suk Kyu, Ahn Hyo Seop, Lee Sung Kyung, Byun Woo Min, Jung Ji Ahn, So Ju Yeon, Kim Min Jae, and Bora, have been confirmed to return for the show’s third season.

6. Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (2023)

Lee Yeon gets caught up in a case that takes him back in time to 1938 where he reunites with Ryu Hong Joo, now the owner of the top restaurant Myoyeongak in Gyeongseong. Ryu was drawn to Lee Yeon before, but they were unable to be together. This time, she’s excited to see him again. Lee Yeon also encounters his younger brother Lee Rang. Cheon Moo Young, a former mountain guardian spirit and friend of Lee and Ryu, has become hostile towards Lee due to a case. Lee Yeon fights to return to the present where his loved one awaits.

7. King the Land (2023)

The story is about two distinct characters: a sophisticated chaebol heir who detests false grins and a bubbly hotel worker who must always smile for work. The hotel worker is moved to the prestigious VVIP business lounge at King The Land where she encounters the chaebol heir.

8. The Devil (2023)

Ku San Young is a student working part-time who finds herself in the middle of mysterious deaths after receiving articles from her late father. Yeom Hae Sang, a folklore teacher with the ability to see demons, meets Ku and faces the demon that killed his mother. Lee Hong Sae, a career-driven lieutenant, gets drawn into the cases through Ku and Yeom. Together, they uncover the truth behind the deaths related to five sacred objects and fight against the demons from another world.

9. A Time Called You (2023)

Han Jun Hee is still grieving the loss of her boyfriend, Ko Yeon Jun, who passed away a year ago. Despite this, she finds herself transported back in time to 1998 where she is a high school student named Kwon Min Joo. Here, she encounters a fellow student named Nam Si Heon who bears a striking resemblance to her late boyfriend.

10. Doctor Slump (2023)

A romantic comedy about two former doctors who are struggling to revitalize their lives. The film follows their journey of love and personal growth as they reside together on a rooftop house after leaving their medical careers behind.

11. Daily Dose of Sunshine (2023)

Park Bo Young will portray Jung Da Eun, a character who undergoes both personal and professional transformation. Despite facing difficulties in her new role as a mental health department employee, she remains dedicated to her patients. Yeon Woo Jin will play Dong Go Yun, a proctologist with a quirky demeanor who finds joy in watching Da Eun’s kindhearted actions.

12. See You in My 19th Life (2023)

Ban Ji Eum possesses a remarkable talent, the ability to recall memories from all her past lives. After nearly a thousand years of reincarnation, Ban Ji Eum’s current life is cut short by tragedy. Determined to reconnect with people from her past, she sets out to find Moon Seo Ha, a man she met in her 18th life. Will her memories of her 18th life prevent romance in her 19th life? Or will love persist through multiple lives?

13. Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 (2023)

In Season 2, a great war between Ta Gon’s Kingdom of Arthdal and Eun Seom’s Ago Union is unavoidable. Eun Seom now reigns as ruler of the East, while Tan Ya is the heir to the Wahan clan. The story takes place 8 years after Ta Gon has become king.

14. A Good Day To Be A Dog

A webtoon-based drama of the same name by Lee Hye, it follows the story of two teachers – a cursed woman who turns into a dog every time she kisses a man and a man who is traumatized and has a fear of dogs due to a past incident. The curse of the woman will only be broken by a man who is afraid of dogs.

15. Doona! (2023)

When Joon moves into his new apartment on his first day of college, he wasn’t expecting beautiful ex-celebrity Duna to be living downstairs. Joon tries to avoid her at first, but finds himself growing more and more curious about her mysterious life.

16. Queen Of Tears

“Queen of Tears” will tell the miraculous, thrilling, and humorous love story of this married couple, who manage to survive a crisis and stay together against all odds.

17. Ask the Stars (2023)

“Ask The Stars (2023) is a romantic comedy that follows the story of a Korean-American female astronaut and a male obstetrician-gynecologist, who meet aboard a space station where the latter is visiting as a tourist.”

18. Call It Love

A touching romantic drama that portrays the journey of two individuals, weary from their challenging lives, as they discover newfound emotions and transform through their mutual understanding of each other.

19. Joseon Lawyer (2023)

A tale of the cunning attorney Kang Han Su, who manipulates premeditated lawsuits and exploits the emotions of wronged individuals for his own gain. Despite his unethical methods, he unexpectedly becomes venerated as a hero and a problem solver among the masses. Over time, he grows to become a truly just lawyer.

20. Kokdu: Season of Deity (2023)

Kkok-du, a death god also known as a cursed grim reaper, descends to earth every 99 years to punish humans and guide the dead to the afterlife. This time around, he possesses the body of a human and takes on the role of a visiting doctor. Here, he encounters a struggling physician who, despite her career challenges, possesses intriguing supernatural powers. As the story unfolds, Kkok-du and the doctor cross paths and navigate the complexities of their respective missions.

21. Moving (2023)

Kim Bong Seok, Jang Hee Soo, and Lee Gang Hoon are high school students with a secret. They possess extraordinary abilities – Kim can fly, Jang has impressive athletic skills and fast healing powers, and Lee has incredible power and speed. The three friends must keep their powers hidden while their parents work to protect them from being exploited by others. This thrilling story follows their journey as they try to maintain their normal lives and conceal their unique abilities from the world.

22. Payback: Money and Power (2023)

In “Payback”, a group of individuals, led by money trader Eun Yong, take a stand against corrupt authorities and a cartel working hand-in-hand to seek justice. Driven by the desire for revenge, they refuse to be silenced and instead fight against the unjust forces that threaten to bring them down.

23. Deal (2023)

“Reuniting in their twenties, Lee Joon Sung, Song Jae Hyo, and Park Min Woo find themselves drawn into a dangerous situation. Joon Sung, a former high school soccer star, is looking to turn his life around. Jae Hyo, a medical student, is facing personal turmoil and enlists the help of Joon Sung and Min Woo, the son of a wealthy family. In a misguided attempt to solve his problems, Jae Hyo stages a fake kidnapping for ransom. But things quickly spiral out of control and the trio is faced with a dark and unpredictable journey.

24. The Worst of Evil (2023)

Park Joon Mo is a police officer assigned to a drug investigation that spans across South Korea, China, and Japan. He goes undercover to infiltrate a criminal organization. His wife, Yoo Ui Jung, also a police officer, becomes involved in the same case. Meanwhile, they encounter Jung Ki Cheol, the leader of a rising criminal empire. As they delve deeper into the dangerous world of drug trafficking, they find themselves facing off against the cunning and charismatic Jung Ki Cheol.

25. Useless Lies (2023)

A romantic drama, “Useless Lies(2023)” tells the story of a woman who’s become disillusioned with people due to her ability to detect lies and a man who’s gone into hiding after being falsely accused of murder. Their lives change when they cross paths and begin to understand each other.

26. Vigilante (2023)

Kim Ji Yong, a student at the police academy lost his mother at the hand of a local gangster when he was young. He becomes a vigilante and kills criminals.

27. The Heavenly Idol (2023)

In the fantasy world of Rembrary, a high priest travels to a new realm to defeat the evil demon king. Upon arrival, he discovers he is now in the body of the charming and well-known celebrity, Woo Yeon Woo.

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