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Yoo Baek, former idol group member, is now a popular singer and actor but he doesn’t try to be a good guy to attract people. He is self-centered and he is brutally honest to others even if it hurts them. For that personality, Yoo Baek makes big trouble for himself and travels to a faraway island to getaway. In that island, he meets warm people, including Oh Kang-Soon. She runs a small supermarket and also dives to pick abalone and sea mustard. She is physically a very strong woman.

Yoo Baek (Kim Ji Suk ) was once a member of an idol group. Now he is a popular singer and actor. However he doesn’t try to be to be a nice guy. He is rather selfish and sometimes overly honest to people even if it hurts them. His personality often gets him in trouble. Once he makes a big mistake and decides to go to a faraway island to wait until the hype subsides. There he meets nice people, including a girl named Oh Kan Sung (Jun So Min) who runs a small shop and is physically very strong.

Airs from 11/16/2018 on Fridays at 23:00

Also known as:톱스타 유백이


Status: Completed

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  1. Watch till ep 2 or 3. Kind of bored drama. Too much comedy effect like super power effect. Not really my type. Can’t bare to watch. Maybe later will watch again but don’t know when. Hehee

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