Transit Love Season 2 (2022)


EXchange is back with its second season, and the participants’ stories are more intriguing than ever. Four pairs of ex-couples must live under one roof and decide whether to reunite with their ex or find new love. Exes living under one roof brings plenty of tension and emotional moments. Will they be able to overcome the past struggles and reunite, or will they move on and find new love?

Director: Lee Jin Joo

Also known as: Transit Love 2 , EXchange Season 2 , Romance Transfer 2 , Transfer Romance 2 , Transit Love Season 2 , Transferring Love 2 , Hwanseungyeonae Sijeun 2 , Hwanseungyeonae 2 , 환승연애2


Status: Ongoing

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7 Comments to “Transit Love Season 2 (2022)

  1. I need to watch episode 19 , I cant sleep because i feel like haeun is going to choose her Ex and since her Ex is not doing no so much with the others he might want to open up a little bit for her, hyun is going to be disappointed I don’t want to se thattt.
    i also think hee doo and nayeon doesn’t match at all i don’t even know how they dated for so long, I don’t think love is the issue but personality wise both of them are the same at least one of them should try to back down or something. any ways I cant ways for the last episodes i have never been so invested about someone’s relationship.

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