True Beauty (2020) Episode 7

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78 Comments to “True Beauty (2020) Episode 7

    1. we always want to be others coz they hv something better than us but we never ilsee wut are there problems ,ju kyung also went throw so many things just bcoz she is a lil different ……

  1. And now we can’t download!!
    Had been waiting a long time for episode 7 and now we can’t download..
    Drama cool needs to fix this ..
    All apps that uploads drama can’t download episode 7!

  2. literally stop b—ing about, they’re trying their best to provide us with the show as soon as possible. be grateful you don’t have to pay to watch it

  3. Guys, this is for FREE. Be patience, it’s not like you are paying for it…
    They say they are working on it, we just need to wait.

  4. WOOW!! Finally we have the ep. 7!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work I know it takes time to put on subs! THANK YOU 🙂

  5. Guys omg it takes time and effort to put in good subtitles for an hour long show. Just be patient it’ll be here soon we’ve waited this long we can wait a few more hours.

  6. hey guys, RAW means that they haven’t finished and finalised the english subs yet. they normally do this. they take like hours since it just came out. dw yall !

    1. what do you mean, it only came out about 4 hours ago. Give them time, they have other stuff to do as well, not only translating kdramas all day long

    2. just be patient, episode comes out on Wednesday and it takes time to translate it. appreciate the fact that eng subs are on the same day and you don’t have to wait a week.

    3. First of all, last week there was no airing of the episodes. Ep.7 has been aired TODAY and it takes TIME to put subtitles. Also, you are watching a series subbed COMPLETELY FREE. The bare minimum thing you could do was to at least be respectful and send encouraging messages to those who translate. It is a very tedious and difficult process. Don’t be a damn brat

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